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If I have to say anything positive about Jamaica, it is the 103rd precinct, a work-horse of a precinct and one of the busiest outside of the Times Square precinct and they do not piss around folks. In the article below:

Sgt. David Strom, supervisor of the precinct’s NCO program, said since October the precinct has towed 75 illegally parked vehicles. He also said they “are working on a letter” for owners of auto repair shops, body shops and used-car dealerships defining what places are and are not acceptable for parking vehicles when conducting their businesses.

They have been extremely helpful working with me on the illegal truck driving on my street and the illegal parking by auto body shops and car dealers in the area. The new NCO program  (The Neighborhood Coordination Officers)  focuses entirely on quality of life issues  and they have been great. Each section of Jamaica has two NCO’s and mine are Officers Sclafani and York and they are amazing, always keeping in touch with me and always giving me updates of what they are doing in regards to my complaints, I even have the one officer’s cell phone, how great is that. All the precincts in the Jamaica area have NCO’s and you should definitely get to know yours in your specific area. Here are some of what they have relayed to me regarding some of my complaints:

The NYPD will be placing an electronic sign at that location stating “No trucks, all trucks must use 168 street”. That sign will be there for about a month, after that flyers will be handed out to the public.  The last phase will be issuing a summons.


Good Morning,

  Myself and officer York have spoken to the auto body shops located within our sector which is the Van Wyck to 175 street and Hillside Ave to the train tracks, we advised all those shops that any vehicles that did not have plates on them (correct plates of course) and are located on the street will be towed.  Also we mentioned to the businesses that no vehicles are allowed to be placed onto side walks, any vehicles that are located on sidewalks will be ticketed.  I also forwarded the email to the NCO’s that are in charge of the sector that covers Merrick Blvd.  Starting tomorrow we will be making rounds to ensure that those vehicles were moved.  I will also reach out to the truck company regarding the email about 170 street.  Thank you and have a good day.

Po Sclafani 103 Precinct

Just an update on the issue of illegally parked vehicles at auto body shops in Sector A.  As of last week there were a total of 7 vehicles towed from the auto body shop located at 149-15 Archer Avenue, vehicles were either parked on the sidewalk or were parked on the street with no license plates or incorrect license plates.  All other shops have been spoken to and appear to be complying.

PO Sclafani

103 Precinct

Just an update on the parking condition that we spoke of, As of January 5th there has been a total of 13 vehicles towed from sector A.  Those vehicles were either parked on a public street with no license plates or were parked on sidewalks.  Majority of the vehicles were towed from 149-15 Archer Avenue.  The other auto body shops in sector A have been keeping vehicles off the streets and keeping them in private lots or inside of their shops.  Any other concerns feel free to contact myself or Officer York.

Get to know your areas NCO’s, which you can do by contacting your precinct’s community affairs officer. For the 103rd precinct the community affairs officer is Detective Marc Costa and remember the 103rd has several NCO’s who cover different areas of Jamaica and if your complaint falls outside of their area, they will forward your complaint to a NCO who handles that area.

They handle all quality of life issues from illegal parking & illegal truck driving to noise complaint and all that falls in between.

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From Queens Chronicle:

Cops, storm tough on crime in 103rd

24-hour stretch with no major cases


Posted: Thursday, January 12, 2017 10:30 am

As commanding officer of the 103rd Precinct in Jamaica, Inspector John Cappelmann takes a back seat to no commander in the NYPD when it comes to pride in his officers’ hard work and achievement.

But that doesn’t mean he won’t accept help from time to time, especially when it falls into his lap.

 Last weekend, that assistance came in the form of a snowstorm last Saturday that dropped 8.2 inches on parts of the borough.

“We went 24 hours without a major crime, what we call an index crime,” Cappelmann said Tuesday night, speaking at the monthly meeting of the precinct’s community council.

Index crimes include murder, rape, robbery, burglary, felony assault, grand larceny and auto theft.

With a new year, the inspector said the precinct ended 1016 with a 7.7 percent drop in overall crime from 2015, with reductions in all categories but robberies, where the total went from 385 to 387.

Shooting incidents went from 18 to 32, ending three years of near-record low totals. Cappelmann said shootings averaged in the mid-30s every year from 2009 to 2013 before dropping off to 17 in 2014 and 18 in 2015.

The 28-day statistics as of this week saw a decrease of 33.8 percent in major crimes over the same time period last year.

The CO credited his officers with a major arrest in the month of December as a result of Vision Zero traffic enforcement.

On Dec. 1, two officers stopped a vehicle on 91st Street.

“It was a traffic line enforcement stop,” he said. “And there on the back seat was a loaded AK-47, and a couple of loaded magazines.”

Cappelmann said the man, a Brooklyn resident, was arrested without incident for unlawful possession of a weapon, and has not been very talkative about why he was traveling with the weapon and ammunition.

“We don’t know where he was going,” he said. “But it probably wasn’t good.”

Sgt. David Strom, supervisor of the precinct’s NCO program, said since October the precinct has towed 75 illegally parked vehicles. He also said they “are working on a letter” for owners of auto repair shops, body shops and used-car dealerships defining what places are and are not acceptable for parking vehicles when conducting their businesses.

Strom also said they are getting more and more complaints about financial scams.

He said one growing in popularity among crooks involves calling people and telling them they have won a lottery prize, but first must send money to cover taxes. He said no legitimate lottery operates that way, and reminded people that they have not won a lottery for which they have not purchased a ticket.

“You can’t be not in it and win it,” he said.

People also are hearing from those claiming to be the FBI, the Internal Revenue Service or other government agencies either calling or sending a message freezing a cell phone saying the person owes taxes or a civil fine.

The giveaway, he said, is the demand to make payment in gift cards readily available in many stores.

“The IRS does not call; we all know that,” he said. “And no government agency will ever demand payment in gift cards.”

He said some hucksters are preying on people with so-called “money blessing” scams in which the victim is asked to bring a large amount of cash to be blessed so that it will double.

“But when you get home and unwrap the bundle, it’s filled with newspaper, and that person is out their money,” the sergeant said.


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