Trumped talked about a rigged system, well picking members for local community boards is a majorly rigged system. For example, you want to do good for Jamaica, you want to make a difference, you want to make change, well sit on your local community board. It should be as easy as “YES, I want to serve on my community board by volunteering my time” ( I mean it is a voluntary position, there is no pay involved).  BUT wait, you have to fill out an application (okay, no problem there) and then the totally useless Queens Borough President Melinda Katz and all talk Council Member I. Daneek Miller or crooked asshole Council Member Ruben Wills then decide who will sit on this voluntary basis board (like you want a council member like Wills,  who has an upcoming corruption trial and has been to court for not paying child support (THESE ARE ACTUAL FACTS)  to make the decision.  WOW, talk about fucking rigged. Do you think they will pick someone who will call out people like Katz, Miller or Wills on their shit for either being crooked or just keeping quiet on say the whole homeless issue in Queens or the dumping of homeless shelters in Jamaica like Katz is doing or do you think they will pick someone with strong opinions and who does not go with the status quo. OF COURSE NOT, they want someone who will bow down to them and do what they are told. They don’t want their cozy system to be shaken up, otherwise it would expose them for what they really are, which is NOT true public servants.

YEP, a rigged system AND that my friends is why community boards rarely get anything done or really make a difference because strings are being pulled from up above and by questionable individuals.

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From Queens Chronicle:

Want to serve on your community board? Here’s how

Borough President Katz accepting applications


Posted: Thursday, January 12, 2017 12:51 pm

Calling any and all Queens residents who want to make their communities a better place.

Borough President Melinda Katz is accepting applications from people interested in serving on their area community board, her office announced Thursday.

“To serve on a community board demands a significant commitment of time and energy, but any civic-minded resident interested is encouraged to consider applying,” Katz said in a statement. “Our city government works better when we have active and engaged community boards that draw from the expansive knowledge and extensive life experiences of their diverse memberships.”

There are 14 community boards across the borough, and each group can have up to 50 residents of the district on it. Members are unpaid and serve two-year terms.

After their applications are reviewed, they are appointed to their post by Katz, with half of her appointees being nominated by the city Council member who represents the district.

Community boards are advisory panels, but members vote on issues such as land use and zoning matters and liquor license applications. They also contribute to public dialogue on topics like the city budget and municipal services by holding public hearings and issuing recommendations.

All members whose two-year terms are up in 2017 are also asked to apply for another term, should they be interested in one.

The application deadline for new and returning board members is Jan. 27, with the two-year term starting April 1.

To apply, log onto queensbp.org/community-boards and fill out the form. For more information, call (718) 286-2900.


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