Well, it looks like another big Jamaica Development is not going to happen. The Archer Towers development site at 163-05 and 163-25 Archer Avenue  is no longer happening as it was stated a few years back. Another big development, the big retail/housing development at the parking lot at 169th and 89th Ave has also went bust and will not take place either. And of course the very early development “The Shops at Sutphin” across from the LIRR Sutphin Blvd Station is still a no go for about 6 years now. All this hype about Jamaica being the next “hot hood” was let out of the gate way to fast and all the dumb shit “Jamaica leaders” and asshole Queens Borough President Melinda Katz were tooting their horns like crazy and by the way,  what has happened with the “Jamaica Now Action Plan” shit.

This still does not mean that nothing is going to happen in Jamaica, it just means the chess pieces in the development game are just moving around or being replaced. Bottom line, Jamaica will change, it will just be at the normal development slower pace than this big rush that asshole leaders were creaming their panties about. And speaking of that, isn’t it ironic how all these Jamaica “leaders” and elected officials toot their own horn and get all excited about Jamaica being developed, BUT then turn around and start making comments about gentrification &  pushing people out. Sounds like a conflict to me with these so-called “leaders”. On one hand you want the area to be improved, cleaned up and developed AND then on the other hand, the folks who have caused the demise of this area, you want them to stay. I mean which the fuck is it assholes. AND if you want those folks to stay, maybe you need to hold a seminar in Jamaica how NOT to be slobs, learn to be civilized, learn to respect your neighbors and community and learn society manners. How about that.

AND maybe, just maybe in an area like Jamaica, start off smaller with good development and clean up to attract a better class of people and then work your way up to big. Before you go big, you need to attract a better class of people first, that is the FUCKING KEY folks. Now that is your “Jamaica Now Action Plan”,  simple, logical and it makes sense.

As a resident of the area who is really in the know and a reader and frequent contributor to this blog stated:

The Jamaica Tower is no longer happening. The developer is selling the land. Hopefully something better will takes its place. Like they said in a Curbed NY article the problem with Jamaica is a lot of projects have stalled or are not coming to fruition. It’s good MI (Mary Immaculate Hospital) has finally taken off and it’s had a positive impact in the immediate neighborhood. New smaller buildings are popping up and Zara has bought those buildings on 88th and are fixing them up (I noticed they are gutting some apartments, must be evicting the slobs). I definitely agree with you MI is going to put Jamaica on the map. Hopefully Station Plaza takes off this year as planned, but that’s going to take 7 years and must be completed in stages. It’s good that Starks lady is out of the picture. She owned a lot of property on Archer and Sutphin (like 20 plots in Jamaica) and wouldn’t budge on developing any of them. Whomever inherited them hopefully they play ball.

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From The Real Deal:

Chris Xu asking $60M for Jamaica development site

Developer paid $22M for two adjacent parcels in 2014

January 13, 2017 11:29AM

163-05 Archer Avenue and Chris Jiashu Xu

Chris Jiashu Xu is looking to sell his nearly 90,000-square-foot Archer Towers development site for $60 million, nearly triple the amount he paid for the parcels in 2014.

The adjacent lots at 163-05 and 163-25 Archer Avenue can accommodate 719,700 square feet of buildable space, 700 residential units and additional inclusionary housing, the Commercial Observer reported. When the Flushing-based developer bought the properties for $22 million in October 2014, it was the largest parcel to be sold in the neighborhood in almost a decade.

The site holds a 32,307-square-foot, single-story retail strip with a supermarket, a food court, a Rent-A-Center and an eight-story, 280,000-square-foot parking garage.

Cushman & Wakefield’s Daniel Abbondandolo and Kevin Schmitz are marketing the property.

In the past two years, Xu has become one of the most prolific developers in Queens. He is planning a 79-story, 779,000-square-foot mixed-use tower at 23-15 44th Drive. Rising 984 feet, it will eventually be Long Island City’s tallest tower. In September, he refinanced the site with a $100 million loan from Bank of China.

In December, he paid $100 million for a 3.6-acre development site at 39-08 Janet Place in Flushing. [CO]Miriam Hall


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