Last night while going through 1000’s of TV channels, which has mostly shit on it, I came across a 1967 Merv Griffin show on Get TV, which I would normally just keep bypassing, but saw that Martin Luther King Jr. was going to be on and so I listened to this very rare 1967 interview and listening to this great interview realized how much some things have not changed in all this time. Dr. King mentioned many times “the conditions in the Negro  community” (show the time period that he used the term “negro”), which creates poverty, crime, unemployment, etc.  Face forward to 2016 and we are still talking about the conditions in the black community which creates poverty, crime, unemployment, etc. UNBELIEVABLE that 49 years later, that same conversation is being repeated.

An amazing interview that probably some have not seen since it first aired and for many who have never seen it. Please watch this. And then see the article from The Daily News that I posted below that just shows how little things have changed. SAD. And who the hell says racism isn’t really an issue anymore. Guess some of you are listening too much to Fox News.




From The Daily News:

EXCLUSIVE: Army vet falsely arrested while walking his dog says he endured racial taunts by Trump-loving NYPD cop

army-vetArmy veteran Najja Plowden was walking Lilycat in Brower Park in August when police arrested him and admitted it was on account of his race, he claims in lawsuit.

(Gardiner Anderson/for New York Daily News)

An Army veteran’s quiet walk with his dog in a Brooklyn park turned into a long night in jail on a false arrest — and being subjected to a pro-Trump cop’s racial taunts, a new lawsuit says.

Najja Plowden, 35, was wrapping up a midnight walk with his dog in Crown Heights’ Brower Park last August when two NYPD cops in a police van stopped and questioned him about being in the park after hours.

The park didn’t have any signs posted indicating it was closed, Plowden said, and the cops also didn’t bother a white man who was there playing fetch with his dog.

One of the officers, Nicholas Loweth, allegedly asked Plowden for identification, but he had left it at home. When the cop ran Plowden’s name, an active warrant came up — a 2013 summons for skateboarding in Union Square Park.

After Plowden told Loweth the warrant and summons had been dismissed in Manhattan Criminal Court three months earlier, the officer allegedly asked Plowden if someone could come get his dog because he was going to be arrested for being in the park after dark.

“I explained that (the summons) was cleared up. I wasn’t even in the country at the time,” said Plowden, who filed a lawsuit in Brooklyn Federal Court on Friday.

Plowden — a married father who served in Afghanistan and now works as an occupational therapist for special education students — was taken to the 77th Precinct after the cops dropped off Lily Cat, his pitbull-terrier mix, at his Dean St. home.

While Plowden was in custody, Loweth, who is white, allegedly made disparaging comments to Plowden, an African-American man, that included “your culture is more problematic, more violent, more prone to crime,” and “you wouldn’t have been stopped and detained if you’d been a white guy in a park at night on the Upper East Side,” according to the lawsuit.

“I started to tear up because I’m a 35-year-old black man, a veteran, with no criminal record,” Plowden told the Daily News. “I said, ‘Please, do not do this. Why are you doing this?’

“He started to laugh, (and) asked if I was crying. I said, ‘No, this is emotional,’” Plowden said.

Loweth also allegedly spent much of the night lecturing Plowden with pro-Donald Trump rhetoric, bragging that the President-elect will support policing in minority neighborhoods and end the “abuse of resources” like food stamps and welfare by “ghetto” residents, the lawsuit says.

“Police officers are entitled to their political views, but haranguing a helpless prisoner confined to a precinct cell and subjecting him to racist political bravado is unacceptable,” said Plowden’s attorney Joel Berger.

Loweth — who could not be reached for comment — was a defendant in another federal lawsuit in 2014, in which he was accused of participating in an assault and fabrication of false criminal charges. That case was settled for $25,000.

Hours after his latest arrest, a Brooklyn Criminal Court judge vacated the warrant against Plowden, dismissed the misdemeanor charge and apologized that the NYPD’s computer system had not been updated, according to the lawsuit.

But as a result of the arrest, Plowden’s job as an occupational therapist is in limbo. The Department of Education has declared him ineligible for assignments until it looks into the case, according to the lawsuit.

“I’ve always treated officers with respect,” Plowden said. “I never thought this would ever happen to me.”

A spokesman for the city’s Law Department said the complaint “will be reviewed once we are served.”

The NYPD declined to comment on pending litigation.



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