If the Jamaica Now Action Plan (http://www.nycedc.com/resource/jamaica-now-action-plan) is to move Jamaica from “low-class ghetto trash” to just “ghetto trash”, then opening two food stands (one chicken, one pizza) in the  VERY low-class third world country ghetto mall known as the Jamaica Colosseum Mall, then the Jamaica Action Now Plan is right on the Benjamins. Even thought the chicken place will be organic and grilled not fried which is actually a good positive thing, putting a chicken & a pizza stand (really more pizza) inside that joke of a “mall” is not quite what I would call “improvements”, although I am sure people like Comrie, Meeks, Katz and the other clowns will all cream their panties over this and get a group shot of Comrie wolfing down a slice while they all smile for the camera and say how wonderful this is.

By the way for you who don’t know, this is what the two year old (I think) Jamaica Action Plan is about:

The Jamaica Now Action Plan builds on Jamaica’s historic legacy to sustain and enhance the neighborhood as a unique central business district that evolves as a livable, cultural, and attractive destination for residents and visitors. Uniting new initiatives with ongoing projects, the Action Plan seeks to address the challenges that have faced the Jamaica area in recent years by providing workforce training and small business support, initiating new mixed-use development anchored by affordable housing, and improving the livability of the neighborhood through investments in safety measures, green spaces and more. 

REALLY and how does placing two food stands in an ugly ghetto mall (they do have a great oil/soap/incense/skin products place in there, probably the best thing) rank as enhancing and attracting residents and visitors to this ghetto mall. I mean how many of you have actually even been in there (it is worth going to just see this spectacle, the other spectacle is that mall in the basement on Jamaica Ave the old Gertz Mall). I actually went to the Colosseum for the very first time back in December and that is when I found the oil place. I mean so much of it looks like a flea market and if that was how they market it fine, but a “mall”. Please, ghetto mall, yes, “mall” NO. And as far as it being unique, you can see the same old shit twenty times over everywhere else in Jamaica, especially on the Ave. Shit galore is everywhere here. I mean they could do this “mall” differently and still hold on to urban uniqueness, but as it stands it just looks like a shit hole flea market, with same old shit you see everywhere. THINK OUTSIDE THE FUCKING BOX, especially the ghetto box.

The owner of  these two establishments ( Constantine Giakoumas) says: “I think chicken and pizza will do well in this area,” he said, adding that both stands should open in about two weeks.  YOU THINK, this is Jamaica, you can dump a chicken or pizza place in the middle of Royal Waste Transfer Station and it would do well. Ironic that Giakoumas owns a popular Greek restaurant on the Upper East side. So Giakoumas, slumming it for a change of pace.

None of most of the shit taking place in Jamaica smells of “improvement” or “revitalization” let alone “gentrification that folks are worried about. The smell you are getting a whiff of besides all the fucking garbage around here is the smell of “ghetto chic” and the dumping of shit.

By the way, a few side notes: the “gourmet pizza place” that they made a big deal about a few years ago that went into the Jamaica Food Court did not even last a year (it was actually good), City Rib CLOSED, MODA GRILL CLOSED, ROCATO RESTAURANT CLOSED (and christ, a pharmacy is going in their now, like we don’t have enough third world Farmacias). The coffee bean place that was too open a few years ago, never happened, H&M never happened, the big retail space at 168th never happened, The Shops at Sutphin still empty after 5 years. DO you fucking think that instead of all these grand ideas, you might want to FIRST start off with cleaning up the damn area, enforcing quality of life laws and stop dumping homeless shelters on every other block. HOW ABOUT FUCKING THAT. Then slowly put some nicer establishment in and some smaller nice apartment buildings as to huge big ass developments right off the back, AND STOP with those third world shit hole apartment buildings that keep popping up (I mean they are like shit that attracts horse flies). NEWSFLASH, most people don’t want to come to Jamaica, hell I live here and rarely venture out anymore, there just isn’t anything worth seeing and there is too much garbage and litter on every block and tons of homeless and crazies wandering all over the place. I mean who the fuck is doing your planning here. Time for some of you assholes in power to read:

Image result for ghetto planning inc

ANOTHER NEWS FLASH: Not everyone who lives in Jamaica is ghetto. In fact this is the reason so much money is  not staying in this community and being spent in non-ghetto areas. So stop catering to the ghetto crowd all the time. It is a lose-lose situation.

I think the real plan of this Jamaica Action Now Plan is to turn Jamaica and the entire SE Queens area into one big dumping ground similar to “Escape to New York”, this way they can improve certain areas and then have a place to dump all the crap, because, well, the crap has to go somewhere.



From DNAInfo New York:

Jamaica To Get 2 New Food Stands From Manhattan Restaurateur

By Ewa Kern-Jedrychowska | January 20, 2017 4:04pm
 The new eateries in downtown Jamaica will offer charcoal grilled chicken, gyros, and pizza.

The new eateries in downtown Jamaica will offer charcoal grilled chicken, gyros, and pizza.View Full Caption

Feta Bar and Grill/Facebook

QUEENS — A restaurateur who owns a popular Greek restaurant on the Upper East Side is planning to open two food stands in downtown Jamaica sometime next month.

The adjacent eateries — Chicken Lovers and Cousins Pizza — will be located inside the Jamaica Colosseum Mall food court on 165th Street, between Jamaica and 89th avenues, according to Constantine Giakoumas, 41, one of the owners.

“I like doing different ventures,” said Giakoumas, who also owns Feta Bar and Grill, a Greek restaurant on Lexington Avenue, between 93rd and 94th streets.

Chicken Lovers, he said, will serve charcoal grilled chicken, as well as ribs, gyros and a variety of sides.

“A lot of places in that area serve mostly fried stuff,” he said. “We are doing the opposite. It’s going to be an organic grilled menu. We want to give people healthier options.”

Giakoumas said that the menus for both eateries are still being finalized, but except for gyros, they won’t include Greek dishes.

But at the same time, he said, a lot of recipes will include a Greek twist, since most of ingredients, such as olives, butters and spices, will be imported from Greece, Giakoumas said.

He also promised affordable prices.

“I think chicken and pizza will do well in this area,” he said, adding that both stands should open in about two weeks.




  1. Sometimes I wonder how these chefs turned entrepreneurs decide to branch out in locations beyond their scope and clientele. This isn’t like opening up in San Francisco, Chicago or even Tokyo, this is Jamaica Queens. And a lot of these places are preposterous and use the fact that they serve organic just to mark up what is basically fast food and gouge customers. This probably won’t last by the summer, I seen similar places like this open up all over Manhattan especially by the east side by union square and the east village. I have a theory these people use these places to launder money.

    Hopefully this guy means it when he says he’s truly interested in the area.


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