Looks nice, but then that awful Royal Waste Transfer station is a few blocks away where all the damn trucks go right by this. Do they plan on doing something about that. And how many more damn people do we need in an already overcrowded place. Let’s see if this happens, just like so much other shit that did not happen. Considering that Katz and the usual suspect clowns like Comrie, Meeks and the other fools are involved, I don’t have high hopes for that taking off or being anything like they say it will. And what kind of retail will be on the ground floor: a beauty and supply store, a 99 cent store, a chicken shack, a medical office, a drug clinic, and other bullshit. Oh and what percentage will be a homeless shelter.

I mean we have heard about so many developments that never came to fruition. Hell, Meeks was involved years ago in that million dollar plus “Shops at Sutphin” and to this day, still has no retail.  If Meeks is involved, something shady will happen.

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From Kings County Politics:

Katz, Southeast Queens Lawmakers Hail Plans To Turn NYPD Garage Into Affordable Housing

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Queens Borough President Melinda Katz and Southeast Queens lawmakers including Congressman Gregory W. Meeks, City Councilman I. Daneek Miller, State Sen. Leroy Comrie and Assemblywoman Alicia Hyndman today hailed the city’s announcement to transform an underutilized New York Police Department (NYPD) parking garage in Jamaica into an approximately 450,000 square foot mixed-use development that will include over 350 units of 100% affordable housing, recreational and commercial/retail space.

The site is located at 9233 168th Street between Jamaica & 93rd Avenue in Jamaica. The project will also include below-grade parking space allocated for NYPD use and is expected to create between 250-300 permanent jobs and 300-350 construction jobs.

  In February 2015, the city’s Economic Development Corporation (EDC) issued a request for proposals (RFP) to redevelop the parking garage into a mixed-use, mixed-income development. The selected proposal was submitted by Omni New York LLC, an experienced development team that has successfully built and rehabilitated over 6,370 units of quality, well-managed affordable housing in historically neglected neighborhoods throughout the City.


A Art rendering of the multiuse project slated for Queens.

“This project is a culmination of the various stakeholders coming together and implementing a program that has the best of intentions for those living in the community,” said Miller. “Since working with the EDC, Omni New York LLC, local elected officials and Community Boards, and the Jamaica Now Committee, we discussed what was needed most to ensure those living in Jamaica today can benefit from this project now and into the future. With mandates on local hiring, the use of MWBE firms, and the opportunity for those living in Southeast Queens to live in these apartments, this development is an example of what can be done across the City.”

“The selection of a developer to convert the 168th Street NYPD parking garage into an 100% affordable housing project is great news and shows that the Jamaica NOW Action Plan is well on its way to revitalizing downtown Jamaica,” said Katz.

“Jamaica is a community on the move and is well-positioned for further growth. The Jamaica NOW Leadership Council worked closely with Omni New York LLC to ensure maximum MWBE participation and local hiring on this project and we look forward to the affordable housing, recreational and retail space and hundreds of good-paying permanent jobs the project will bring. The New York City Economic Development Corporation should also be commended for its work on this important project,” she added.

“I am pleased this local redevelopment will directly improve the lives of residents of Jamaica, Queens. A significant milestone in the Jamaica NOW Action Plan, this effort will put hundreds of families in affordable housing and create hundreds of local jobs. It is both sensible and fair that women and minorities are promised many of these new jobs, ensuring that the project will utilize a diverse workforce,” said Meeks.

“Redeveloping Downtown Jamaica through projects like this 100% affordable housing and commercial retail complex will bring good-paying union jobs to our community, provide business opportunities for MWBEs, and increase the number of affordable units available to residents,” said Comrie.

“As the first major project to arise from the Jamaica NOW plan, this development will provide over 350 units of affordable housing for our community” said Hyndman. “I’m proud to work alongside my colleagues in government to reach a proposal that was fair for our community, including a commitment to 30% M/WBE  participation. We will continue to work together to ensure that our neighborhoods are responsibly developed.”



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