The 1970’s gave us the phrase “The Bronx is Burning” not only literally but figuratively as well with a borough in crisis. Well, now it is Queens time.


And just like the Bronx, this one is literally and figuratively. Lately there have been some big major fires in Queens, the most recent in Flushing yesterday that destroyed dozen of businesses, but we also had a similar fire in Kew Garden Hills this past December and during the summer in Sunnyside.

But Queens is also burning figuratively with rampant over-development (such as seen in LIC), poorly thoughout development as we are seeing in Jamaica and then there is the plain old shitty type of development with cheap third world multi-units with rusted balconies run by slumlords and filled with illegal conversions and slobs along with all the garbage and problems that arise with these eyesores.

Way too common a site in Jamaica.

Way too common a site in Jamaica.


Then their is the political burning with questionable destructive Borough Presidents (Manes, Schulman, Marshall, Katz) and all the do-nothing and crooked elected officials like the whole slew of clowns in the dirty Southeast Queens. Add fucked up roads, clogged sewer systems, over-crowding, homeless shelters galore and plenty of garbage all over.

City Councilman Leroy Comrie (c.) and about two dozen leaders from Queens call on the Bloomberg administration to withdraw proposals to co-locate schools in the borough. Photo by Rich Bockmann

THE CLOWNS OF QUEENS. Photo by Rich Bockmann

YEP, QUEENS IS BURNING, but you will only hear wonderful things at Katz’s State of the Borough this coming Friday at York College in wonderful, sparkling clean beautiful downtown Jamaica.

Come visit Jamaica Ave, home of low-class ghetto & crap third world shopping.

Come visit Jamaica Ave, home of low-class ghetto & crap third world shopping.



From CBS New York:

More Than A Dozen Businesses Destroyed In Massive Queens Fire

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Crews remain on the scene Thursday of a massive fire in Queens that destroyed more than a dozen businesses and disrupted subway service.

Flames and thick black smoke from the 4-alarm fire rose above Roosevelt Avenue Wednesday afternoon as the blaze spread.

Crowds of people stood by as firefighters battle the fire, unable to take their eyes off the destruction in front of them.

Firefighters wrestling with water hoses extended ladders and climbed on the roofs to knock down the fire.

The water used by responders to drown the flames seeped underground, flooding the the Main Street subway station. As a result, the MTA was forced to shut down service on the 7 line between Mets-Willets Point and Flushing-Main Street during the busy evening commute.

The fire was extinguished hours later and subway service was eventually restored.

In the dark, business owners took on the painstaking task of climbing through the debris to pull out anything that may be salvageable, CBS2’s Magdalena Doris reported.

Streets in the area of the fire remain closed.

It’s still unclear what sparked the blaze, which is under investigation.


From News 10 ABC:

Massive fire consumes over 14 stores in Queens, New York

 KEW GARDENS, NEW YORK (ABC7) — Millions of gallons of water were no match for the relentless flames which consumed an entire block of businesses in a building that’s withstood generations.

“Born and raised here, this was our whole life, and we just watched the whole block burn down,” a witness said. “It’s heartbreaking. It’s heartbreaking.”

Firefighters say they arrived within three minutes after the first flames in the first storefront, but it was already too late to save it. Thirteen other businesses were doomed to the fast spreading blaze.

“Once the fire gets into these concealed spaces up above the roof, it’s almost impossible for us to put it out,” New York Fire Department Chief James Leonard said. “We have to worry about the safety of our fire fighters.”

The response grew to a second, a third, and a fourth alarm, as firefighters attacked the inferno defensively from the outside. It disappeared within a thick cloud of black, choking smoke. At least three FDNY members were hurt, fortunately, none of them seriously as the fire raged on.

“Here we are, it’s a holiday weekend, and 14 people lose their business,” Leonard said. “Sometimes that’s lost in the in the excitement of the fire, but 14 people. Think about all these business owners, people who work in these stores, and even the impact on the neighborhood, for all these people who shop in these stores. That’s the real tragedy.”


From NBC 4 :

Factory Fire in Queens Rages into the Night, Hundreds of Fire Personnel on Scene

The fire was brought under control around 11:20 p.m., hours after it began


A factory fire fueled by wood and paint thinners raged for hours Wednesday, and hundreds of firefighters struggled to put out the mighty blaze on Queens Boulevard before it was finally brought under control.

It’s not clear what sparked the fire inside the millwork factory on Queens Boulevard near 37th Street in Sunnyside just after 7 p.m. But the large amounts of wood, lacquer and paint thinners fueled the fire, according to FDNY Chief of Department James Leonard.

More than 250 firefighters, EMTs and medics were on the scene of the five-alarm blaze. Four firefighters sustained minor injuries, but no civilians were hurt.

Raging Queens Fire Sends Black Smoke into SkyRaging Queens Fire Sends Black Smoke into SkyA warehouse fire in Queens was sending black smoke billowing in the sky, seen by commuters in the area, people in Manhattan and even as far as New Jersey. (Published Wednesday, Aug. 3, 2016)

The FDNY said that the fire was finally reined in around 11:20 p.m.

The flames and black smoke were visible against the city skyline as the sun set Wednesday, and riders on the elevated 7 subway line and on Long Island Rail Road got a clear view of the fire at the height of the evening rush Wednesday (see social media photos and video below).

The millwork shop was destroyed, but firefighters were able to save the surrounding shops.

“One business is lost, we feel their pain,” said Leonard.

But, he continued, the firefighters “did a bang-up job, they saved three large businesses.”

The blaze was intense when firefighters responded within three minutes of the first 911 call, and the first units that went into the building briefly got trapped by flames behind them, Leonard said. The chief issued a May Day call to alert all firefighters to get out of the building, which they safely did, and the units proceeded to battle the fire from outside.

The fire response was causing traffic delays on all Manhattan-bound lanes of Queens Boulevard at 39th Street. Drivers are urged to consider alternate routes and allow additional travel time.

Residents were advised to stay indoors and keep their windows closed.

Fire marshals will investigate the cause of the fire.




  1. That group picture of all those overpaid hacks is hysterical. They all look disinterested even though it seems they are there at a press conference.

    Queens has been actually been smoldering for the past 15 years with the worst of the worst people in the dirty and now established greasy southeast. But now it’s starting to happen literally.

    There was also that car that was found burned in Woodside near the cemetery on Queens Blvd. a few weeks ago, and those houses being torched by a serial arsonist.

    And Brooklyn is still experiencing fires perculiarly in the supposed niche area of Bushwick, a town back in the 80’s and 90’s were in competition of the Bronx in urban decay, crime on the streets and in political office and government neglect.


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