For those who don’t know, because your knowledge is limited to how big Kim Kardashian’s ass is or how many gold digging housewives of Atlanta there are and their names, pigs are actually intelligent animals and also very clean, more than I can say about half the population in Jamaica. Domesticated pigs are not aggressive and can be house-trained just like dogs, again more than I can say about  some of the folks in Jamaica.

Jamaica Center Subway Station in downtown Jamaica

Jamaica Center Subway Station in downtown Jamaica


Leave it to my senator, Tony Avella,  to help save a pet pig, Wilbur,  who is used for therapy. The state senator is trying to push a stalled bill that would allow small, domesticated pigs under 200 pounds and less than 22-inches long to reside in homes in New York, because right now this city does not allow pigs, but does allow illegal immigrants and does allow dirty smelling dangerous homeless people to ride, sleep and shit on the subway train.

Besides de Blasio being an asshole mayor, he obviously does not like animals, remember his fuck up with Lefty the deer.

Save Wilbur.



From Metro:

Sen. Avella calls on de Blasio to help save Staten Island pet pig Wilbur

Avella held a press conference on Thursday with Cristy Matteo, Wilbur’s owner who was “ratted” out, and other pig owners and supporters, calling on de Blasio to ease up and allow Wilbur to stay put.

Someone called 311 on Wilbur and if his owner doesn’t get rid of him by the end of the month, the city says it will. Photo: cristy.matteo/Facebook




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