We are all told “we are all equal”, but we all know that is bullshit. Some folks get a free ride, while others pay a heavy toll. Some literally get away with murder, while others get locked up for having a joint. An average looking Black female gets murdered, mostly it gets placed on page 15 in some corner. An attractive white female gets murdered, it makes front page headlines with photos for weeks on end. A radical Muslim shoots and kills several non-Muslims and the everyone criticizes all Muslims and labels them “terrorist”. A white anti-Muslim nationalist shoots and kills 6 Muslims and injures 8 in a Canadian Mosque, not only does the media fuck up the story and state that two Muslim terrorists did the shooting, which was not the case, but when it is found out that it was some punk white thug, very little is made of it and there seems to be little sympathy for the innocent Muslims who were killed and injured. We certainly have different rules for different sets of people, but then we always knew that, but it still goes on and on and on.

And then we have asshole Trump and his ridiculous ban of people from seven Muslim countries that have not committed any terrorist act on American soil.  Hey Trump, I know you are from the school of “alternative facts”, but there are approximately 6000 Muslims that serve in the United States Military, not too mention the many Muslims who serve as police officers in this country. Trump certainly knows how to bring up illegal Mexicans who have been involved in violent crimes against “white” folks, he tends to wrap Muslims all in the same cloth, so could you imagine the opposite of this story if a Muslim in Canada went into a white Catholic church and killed 6 people, he would have been hammering the issue for days, yet not a damn word about this tragedy by the leader of the free world, not one word. But then Trump has instilled this radical white nationalist movement with this rhetoric throughout his campaign, so how could he say anything about this violent tragedy, but really, not one word. But then I have not heard much from too many people on another violent episode, “white anti-Muslim terrorism”.

Some people do not like The Daily News writer, Shaun King’s viewpoints and say he it too radical, too anti-white, or whatever shit people come up with, but the majority of the time, he is point on and at least he is passionate about issues as opposed to the majority of people who could care less about anything.

Well, read King’s article below and the man is right on point as usual. It is just some people don’t want to hear it or are too busy claiming “reverse discrimination”, talk about your ‘alternative facts. Yeah, like white people have it so fucking rough in this country and around the world. GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK.


From The Daily News:

KING: Had Muslim gunmen killed six white Christians, half the world would have Canadian flags as profile pictures


On Sunday night an anti-Muslim white nationalist allegedly walked into a mosque in Canada and shot and killed six people and left at least eight others critically wounded in a hail of gunfire. All by itself, that news is utterly devastating — or at least it should be — but something truly despicable is going on.

For nearly a full day, tens of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of conservatives all over the internet blamed the shooting on Muslims. The words “Allahu Akbar” were the top trending topic in the United States as the rumors spread that multiple Muslim gunmen screamed this as they shot worshippers in the mosque.

muslim-shootingAlexandre Bissonnette is charged with killing six people in a mosque in Canada.


Even right now, when I just Googled the words “Allahu Akbar,” the top links were news stories from all over the world declaring that multiple gunmen were heard chanting this as they shot and killed those six people.

But the initial reports weren’t accurate. The shooting had one lone gunman — not two, as officials initially said. The suspect was not a Muslim. He was not from Morocco. He was not bearded or wearing Muslim garb. He didn’t speak Arabic. Yet, 24 hours later, Fox News still has not retracted or addressed their widely shared tweet that it was a Muslim Moroccan who did the shooting.

Instead, the suspected shooter was a bigoted 27-year-old white man known to many as a conservative online troll and white nationalist who voiced support for Donald Trump. Perhaps this is why Donald Trump has not personally mentioned this mass shooting even though it was the deadliest single incident in North America since he was inaugurated?

What I know is this — had the shooter actually been a Muslim who walked into a quaint little Baptist church full of white folk singing Amazing Grace, not only would Trump be genuinely outraged right now, the entire conservative machine would be mobilizing against what they call radical Islam. It appears that radical whiteness simply does not bother them.

muslim-shooting-jpg2People stand with a sign for peace near the Québec City Islamic cultural center after a shooting killed six people on Jan. 29.


But you know, and I know, that had this shooter been a Muslim, who killed white Christians, tens of millions of people all over the world would’ve changed their profile picture to the Canadian flag. We’d be hearing harrowing tales of the survivors and seeing emotional reflections on those who lost their lives. The coverage would be non-stop.

That’s damn sure not our reality right now though. A Muslim life taken by a white bigot clearly does not matter as it would if the roles were reversed. And that’s just gross. It gets to the root of what I really think happened here — now that conservatives, including Donald Trump, learned that the shooter was a white conservative, they aren’t outraged, because they really don’t mind what he did.

Shooting at Quebec mosque leaves at least six people dead

Even when they thought the shooter was a Muslim, the surge of conservative energy was not being expressed as grief for the victims, but a big “we told you radical Islam was dangerous” to rub it in everyone’s face. Otherwise, where’s the grief? Where’s the concern? Where are the fundraisers? Where are the interviews with families of victims?

kingmosque1n-4-webUniversity professor Khaled Belkacemi was one of the six who died in Sunday night’s shooting at a Quebec City mosque.

(Université Laval)

Where is the compassion from Trump? Yet here we are, with another incident of an angry white bigot walking into a place of worship and slaughtering people at will and people are still speaking like this shooting and the mass shooting by the white nationalist Dylann Roof in Charleston are unrelated.

They are deeply connected. Dylann Roof was radicalized online. This much has been proven. He admitted it openly. The Canadian suspect, Alexandre Bissonnette, was also reportedly known for his online obsession with white nationalism and the leaders, like Donald Trump, who he thought advanced it.

mulsim3Charleston church shooter Dylann Roof was radicalized online.


Dylann Roof and Alexandre Bissonnette were not lone wolves. They are a part of a dangerous white nationalist movement that is actually growing around the world.

Pope Francis ‘firmly condemns’ Quebec mosque shooting

And here’s the thing — this act of terror would not have been stopped by Donald Trump’s ban. Neither would Charleston or Orlando or Oklahoma City or Columbine or Sandy Hook or San Bernardino or 9/11. Because Trump’s ban has nothing to do with American safety — nothing at all. Trump’s ban is about bigotry and who he could discriminate against the most to appeal to his bigoted base without actually disturbing his personal business interests.

I grieve for the families of the victims of this mass shooting in Quebec City. And I also grieve for how obviously bigoted the lack of concern we see from our government is.

This is America. 2017.




  1. There really needs to be a better way to vet sources to prevent bogus and premature reports from happening. EXTREME VETTING where it should truly count. But because of facebook updates, genuine reporting is impossible.

    I actually saw this first in the Guardian and they initially reported that 2 Morrocan shooters were suspected, and that’s supposed to be a highly respected news feed and I thought it was bullshit.

    As for this heinous yet preposterous climate that’s been created by Figurehead Trump, Wormtongue Bannon and that washed up pile of shit Giuliani, they are dead set in their warped convictions and will not change because they don’t give a fuck about anything or anyone except their personal wealth and perceived power. And the blowback from their edicts will either lead to their ruin by the people in the streets or by the electeds who will hopefully recover their spines and acknowledge their demands and start writing articles of impeachment demanding their removal, because they have broke the edicts of the U.S. constitution or with a endless and senseless war that will eclipse the quagmires in Iraq and Afghanistan and will make ISIS’ wish for a caliphate a reality.

    Which is what they might want after all. For Trump is so willfully delusional it will sound like a new Crusades. No, he is not Hitler, Mousillini, Idi Amin or even PT Barnum, he is Trump, his own creation, more brand than man.

    And he is a fucking liar.

    To selectively quote Malcolm X:

    You been had
    You been took
    You been hoodwinked
    Led Astray
    Run Amok
    This is what he does…


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