Now the article states this this young man, Efrain Vargas, was stabbed and killed over a drug robbery, yet there is nothing in the article that states there were drugs inside the Woodhaven basement apartment of Vargas who was a clerk at a drugstore. DOES some of the media actually know how to actually REPORT properly.

Anyway, more nonsense in the getting dangerous and bad every day dirty Southeast Queens. In fact from my 6 years in this far off land, places like South Ozone Park, South Richmond Hill and Woodhaven have gotten worse while Jamaica has gotten a little better with this kind of shit (well, maybe not so much South Jamaica). But then Jamaica’s 103rd precinct is in my opinion a top notch precinct.

But, also lets face reality too, the last two decades with this whole income inequality, the dismantling of the middle class, the pushing people further down the totem pole, while a select few make billions (Trump’s cabinet), corporations become the “new government” and the government is filled with a bunch of crooks, puppets & spineless cowards, the elite in the high glass towers looking down at the masses scrambling to make an existence in this more and more over-crowded world AND the government/corporations pitting all of us against each other.


Revolution and Civil War usually follow this kind of oppression as history has shown, but then in the past, people were not distracted or became mindless robots due to twitter, Facebook, American Idol, idiotic reality shows, “alternative facts”, “fake news” bullshit, prescription drugs for made up ailments,  and every other form of  bullshit that has make most people mindless robots. WAKE UP FOLKS!

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From The Daily News Queens:

Suspected drug fiend stabs Queens clerk 20 times

woodhavenEfrain Vargas was stabbed 20 times in a suspected attempted drug robbery in Queens, officials said Wednesday.

(Facebook/New York Daily News)

A 24-year-old drugstore clerk found dead in a Queens basement apartment had been stabbed “some 20 times” during the violent fight over drugs that led to his death, officials said Wednesday.

“This was a dramatic fight that was inside that room he was in,” NYPD Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce said about the killing of Efrain Vargas inside a 91st St. home near 91st Ave. in Woodhaven. “It was a locked room. We believe it might be a robbery over drugs.”

Vargas was found face-up, lying next to his bed in the locked room at about 3:30 p.m. on Sunday, although Boyce said he was killed days earlier, officials said.

“It actually happened on Tuesday, so there’s some decomposition as well,” Boyce said. “It’s a forensically rich investigation, but we still have a long way to go in that.”

Vargas’ body was discovered after co-workers had not seen him in a few days and became worried.

It was not immediately clear how the thief managed to get out of the room, which was locked from the inside.

woodhaven2The victim’s body had begun decomposing before cops arrived.

(Danny Iudici/for New York Daily News)

An autopsy concluded that Vargas died of stab and incised wounds — created by a sharp object — to his neck, torso and right upper extremities, a spokeswoman for the city Medical Examiner said.

There were also “blunt impacts of the head,” the spokeswoman added.

His hands and chest were also burned, police sources said.

“It was a pretty bloody crime scene,” Boyce said.

No arrests have been made in the case.



  1. It’s possible that the victim, being a drug clerk, probably stole a bunch of painkillers and he and his attacker, who he probably knew, might have been looking to deal them, being that the black market pharmaceutical drug trade is stronger than ever, considering the costs of healthcare and the still high amount of uninsured. Also a lot of people prefer to get loaded on them instead. He probably ambushed and killed the guy because he just wanted to use him to steal them and then sell it himself.

    Woodhaven isn’t actually part of the dirty southeast® (I kind of mark it where rockaway blvd,105st and centerville st. intersect) . But it has the earmarks of turning into the next east new york of the 70’s and 80’s. Since a lot of the crime is seemingly getting pushed there from the sudden frivolous spending hipster interest and real estate market pandering to it from the city’s plans to build “affordable mixed income” housing there. That’s if that plan isn’t quashed when De Faustio gets convicted.


    • I know this young man. This whole article is bullshit!! He was not a clerk in a drug store. The media got that from his fb. The door was not locked from the inside. And there were no drugs in that room! These people need to get their story straight. This isnt even jamaica queens its woodhaven!!


      • No you are BULLSHIT. Did you all go to the same school of thought to always same the same things, “I know this young man, the story is bullshit, yada, yada, yada”. And who cares if it is not Jamaica. DON’T fucking read it then. TYPICAL from this area.


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