The future of Jamaica

The future of Jamaica

Yes, we get it and most of us intelligent folks know that Trump is totally unqualified to be President, know he knows absolutely NOTHING about government (it can’t be run like a business), is completely ignorant, dangerous and a con man who has made such a mess within just one week in his presidency. MOST OF US KNOW THIS. BUT we also know that Jamaica & the dirty Southeast Queens has major amounts of quality of life issues and other major problems not being properly addressed and all this Trump shit does it deflect asshole crooked elected officials like Gregory Meeks and Queens BP Melinda Katz to deflect from the local issues, addressing the many problems of the community and focusing on once and for all on permanent solutions. We don’t need asses like Meeks, Comrie, Miller, Cook, Wills and the whole slew of them to be distracted from the job they were hired to do, they have been distracted, have done shady crooked shit and have done pretty much NOTHING, long before Trump ever decided he wanted to run for President. AND we don’t need them to tell us about him. WE FUCKING KNOW THAT.

Folks, you are being bamboozled again by the old “Look over here, so you don’t see what is happening right here”. As far as Jamaica goes, we still have a shitload of homeless shelters in the area with more being dumped it seems like every other day, with one after another hotel being turned into either full homeless shelters or partial shelters. Many of our roads in the community look like some battle torn third world country. Illegal conversions in the area are out of hands. Over development and shady development that is leaving already empty lots now empty with just a concrete foundation. Illegal truck driving on many residential streets still take place (NOT on my street anymore after focusing hard on that issue). Royal Waste is still polluting our air, our land and who knows what all that is doing to residents, while this awful business and a bad neighbor still conducts business right in the downtown area (Can you imagine putting this place a few blocks from Austin Street in Forest Hills). Then we have the garbage/litter problem, our subway stations (Jamaica Center, LIRR Sutphin  Blvd, 179th St) turned into underground homeless shelters in which every morning we tax payers have to deal with this bullshit plus all the homeless using the subway cars as their own personal homes. I can go on and on and on, about the same old problems that just keep getting bigger and bigger and more problematic. And let’s not forget crime in particular areas.


For most of us, our lives did not change when Regan was President or Clinton or Bush I or Bush II or Obama. And now Trump. Yeah, he is working hard to make a mess, but you know what, we still get up every morning and ride an outdated subway system filled with homeless to work, step over garbage and litter and go to work, then come back to repeat again and again. In the meantime Jamaica in my eyes after 6 years has not seemed to gotten much better at all, in fact in certain circumstances it has gotten two steps worse for every one positive step forward. AND WHO IS TOO BLAME FOR THAT, certainly not Trump.

Our fucking “local leaders” don’t need anymore distracted or unfocused, they do that really damn good all on their own and without the help of Trump.

The James Fobb Estate

The James Fobb Estate

Seagull River in SE Queens

Seagull River in SE Queens

garbage-1-23-17-003garbage-phil-3illegal-parking1-16-17-007south-ozone-park-carhillside-garbage12-4-16-011fobb-garbage-nov16-jpg2Sutphin Garbage2

Is that Assembly Member Vivian Cook addressing her constituents.

Is that Assembly Member Vivian Cook addressing her constituents.

homeless man with shit

Jamaica Center E train. Does he look like he missed a meal and is skin and bones.

Jamaica Center E train. Does he look like he missed a meal and is skin and bones.

Homeless shelter with local residents hanging out all day. Two blocks from downtown Jamaica Ave

Homeless shelter with local residents hanging out all day. Two blocks from downtown Jamaica Ave


From Queens Chronicle:

Stringer talks Trump and city in St. Albans

Comptroller Q and A talks floods, homeless policy, the new president


Posted: Thursday, February 2, 2017 10:30 am

City Comptroller Scott Stringer began with an apology last Thursday as he prepared to take questions from a crowd of more than 300 people at the Robert Ross Johnson Family Life Center in St. Albans.

“I apologize for the laryngitis,” Stringer rasped. “I’ve been attending so many antiTrump rallies.”

While the forum had been planned for several weeks, and took place two days before Trump’s executive order on immigration caused a national upheaval, the president was never far from the surface in the conversation that went back and fourth for more than two hours.

“If we can’t answer your questions tonight, you’ll get a phone call tomorrow,” Stringer said, with an array of office staff and ranking officials inside his office on hand. “And if you don’t get a call tomorrow, someone in my office is getting fired,” he added.

Residents raised the issue of homelessness and the city’s propensity to pack the majority of the borough’s homeless facilities and a plurality of its homeless residents within Community Board 12.

Stringer said he opposes housing homeless families in hotels. Small hotels that residents fear could be converted to shelters are being approved for construction at record rates in Southeast Queens.

Stringer said the city’s homeless population of 60,000 includes 2,500 families with children, including many people who are employed but still can’t afford rent.

“You have to see how you can get that number down to 59,000, then 58,000,” he said. “And if you’re not careful, it can quicky become 70,000.”

But he also said there are myriad plots of vacant city-owned land that could be brought to bear as well by building on them.

“Three-hundred eighty-six alone in Queens,” he said.

He said flooding relief, long promised but first delivered in earnest beginning only a few years ago, is being addressed with more than $1.5 billion in infrastructure over 10 years, though complete relief throughout Southeast Queens is going to take decades.

As for residents still smarting from Hurricane Sandy, Stringer — considered a possible Democratic candidate for mayor — criticized city leadership on that front.

“So far, we have spent 0.5 percent of $159 million [in federal funds] available for resiliency upgrades,” he said.

Most elected area city and state officials were on hand, and most, in their remarks, were not shy in their opinions of Trump. The focus at the time was the president’s threat to cut off funding for sanctuary cities that refuse to turn over illegal immigrants for minor offenses.

Stringer acknowledged that millions of dollars theoretically could be at stake.

Congressman Gregory Meeks (D-Queens, Nassau), said Democrats on Capitol Hill are prepared to do what they can to counter appointments and policies they do not like, and that it was now up to the GOP in Washington to place people over party.

Speaking with the Chronicle as he was leaving, Meeks said that is not as far-fetched as it may sound.

“Even House Republicans are complaining to me about Trump — and that’s on the record,” Meeks said.



  1. Joe, you might want to consider a “Nixon goes to China” moment:

    Have Trump – a son of Jamaica -Jamaica born and bred – COME to Jamaica and use his particular expertise to clean up the mess.


  2. Maybe a 180 degree? An about-face? Instead of excoriating the President, invite him in. After all, the world is topsy-turvy at the moment. Carpe diem – seize the day!


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