Why file a 311 complaint when half the time you get the response, “no violation” or “those responsible are gone”, when there is a VIOLATION and THOSE RESPONSIBLE ARE NOT GONE. Case in point.

First, I just don’t understand why this whole illegal parking of huge tractor trailers in LIRR Tunnels and streets continues to be an issue year after year after year in this community not too mention the continuation of auto body shops along Merrick Blvd into the new Willets Point, especially from Liberty to 110th St but going all the way to 125th.
This past Saturday (2.4.17) driving from downtown Jamaica to Long Island, I noticed 4 large waste tractor trailer trucks parked all weekend inside the LIRR Tunnels at the Merrick Blvd and Archer Ave location.  After 9/11, this astounds me that such trucks continue to do this and besides the fact that it is ILLEGAL for overnight storage on streets. Coming back, several of  these same awful smelling trucks were parked all along 168th St and Douglas Ave Location. This morning I file a 311 complaint and get this total bullshit response:

Service Request #: C1-1-1364278361
Date Submitted: 02/05/17 7:10:06 AM
Request Type: Illegal Parking
Details: Overnight Commercial Storage

Your Service Request was closed. The Police Department responded and upon arrival those responsible for the condition were gone.

But when I went by there at 11:00AM today, all the trucks were in the same place, so tell me, how do your eyes see “those responsible were gone”. Complete bullshit. Photos do not LIE.


Now onto the NEW Willets point, Merrick Blvd. All along Merrick Blvd and especially from Liberty Ave to 110th, the auto body shops were in full swing with junked and unlicensed vehicles, two trucks parked all on Merrick, side streets and in some cases in the middle of Merrick Blvd (ALL COMPLETELY ILLEGAL). To make matters worse, many of the autobody shops on the east side of Merrick had cars parked right in the right hand land causing major traffic problems and posing serious safety issues. THIS is a major heavily traveled road and to have auto body shops ILLEGALLY blocking a lane of traffic is again astounding.
AND to make matters worse all of these issues have been going on for years and I have filed numerous complaints throughout that time but to little avail, because the problems are still continuing. Also of concern with so many of these unscrupulous auto body shop are the deposing of  waste materials, highly toxic liquids, which would not put it past them to just dump much of that anywhere in the vicinity, not too mention all the junked cars I see leaking toxic fluids all over the street.


WHERE is the enforcement, where is COMMUNITY BOARD 12, where is Councilman I. Daneek Miller, Senator Comrie and Assembly Member Hyndman. THIS IS ALL IN YOUR DISTRICT. The total lack of respect in this community by not only the people, the businesses but the powers that be is APPALLING. Tell, me would any of this shit happen in forest Hills or Park Slope or Upper West Side, yet it completely out in the open happens every single day in this community. As I approached Long Island on Merrick, I saw auto body ships there, but no junked or unlicensed vehicles or two trucks up on sidewalks, on the streets or blocking traffic, NOT ONE. The media has done some stories on this YET this ILLEGAL behavior continues like nobody in this community really gives a shit, because if they really did, this would not keep continuing.


You all talk a good game (and some barely do that) but when it comes to actual work on these issues, that falls to the wayside. We are not talking about curing cancer, we are talking about ILLEGAL parking by Commercial trucks and shady auto body shops.  AND you wonder why people have such attitudes about communities of color, not only the nonsense, but the lack of any regard from the powers that be.


SO can one of YOU answer why this is still continuing BUT would never even happen in a place like Forest Hills, Katz’s hood. AND please don’t give me some bullshit response how the issue was taken care of or those responsible were gone, when in fact that is not the case because then I just take photos and post this bullshit. THAT is not called ENFORCEMENT. That is called not doing your job properly and NO ENFORCEMENT and it is insulting.



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