Jamaica is the next big thing says the so-called “leaders”, REALLY, because you certainly would not know it looking around this garbage strewn, homeless shelter, ghetto mess of a community with the incompetent black political gangsters who either are in denial, plain stupid, lazy, corrupt,  collecting a paycheck or all of those. Just the other day, Senator Leroy “Do Nothing” Comrie and his clown posse of Jamaica leaders endorsed Bill deBlasio for the next election with Comrie stating:

“I know Bill de Blasio has been very responsive to the needs of Southeast Queens and, therefore, I believe that Bill de Blasio should be re-elected as mayor of the city of New York.”

You mean responsive like what Ms. Hazel took photos of and talked about with Carver Bank on Archer Avenue. I mean all three of the Jamaica stations (Jamaica Center, Sutphin Blvd/LIRR & 179 St) have already become homeless encampments, while homeless shelters galore keep popping out every other day and the “leaders” continue ignoring all the quality of life issues that would NEVER take place in a white community, NEVER. AND now Carver Bank at 159-20 Archer Avenue is the latest homeless shelter in this run down community that is completely out of control. And for those who say “poor homeless” how about poor hard-working tax payers that some have two jobs who have to constantly deal with this nonsense every fucking day that dumBlasio certainly does not nor Senator Schumer, both who have homes in Park Slope. So how many homeless are lodging in your local banks, HOW MANY?

And so the nonsense in Jamaica continues and continues and continues while folks like Katz, Comrie, Meeks and the others state “how great Jamaica is”



From Pamela Hazel, Jamaica resident & Community Advocate:

Homeless are now banking at Carver.

carverThe homeless are now banking at Carver Saving Bank to shelter them from the coldness. This is yet another health hazard  in the black neighbourhood. Blacks face all sorts of suffering at the hands of black political bandits, aka political leaders.

They ignore every form of suffering perpetrated against black people. Now homeless occupants are using the ATM area as their quarters at nights; when the bank is closed. After, hearing much complaints, I tried using the ATM myself last week. The bank  is located at 159-02 Archer Avenue, Jamaica Queens, near the e-train station.

The  experience was stink and scary; two homeless persons were present. One was wrapped in a blanket; with his or her back turned away from the ATM. The other was sitting up straight with his head covered. His eyes were darting, then staring directly at me. The atmosphere was shitty.

The quality-of-life abuse seems to be non-stop. Hopefully, these political bandits would come to a tragic end; by means of prison or what ever else; they are useless. Yes, Blacks live in hell. Keep wondering why Trump is our president.

Depression and unemployment in the black neighbourhood are at an all time high. Yet, Borough President, Katz claims that she is building on her success. Sadly, blacks cannot count on black leaders; who have  recluse  them self from the plight. Worst yet, the Blacks  keep voting for the public bandits.

I called Carver today at (718)230-2900. After a few transfers; I spoke to Mr. Williams/ manager. He said that he will contact the appropriate person to resolve the problem. I asked him to please remove the homeless encampment. It is unsafe and unhealthy.

P. Hazel: Social Media Journalist for Justice.

P. S : Let’s see if I have to resort to tweeter.



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