The news about Jamaica is like our fucking idiot dumb-shit president (who needs to be IMPEACHED & someone needs to tell him this is not a “reality show”), every other day it is some crazy shit.hillside-garbage12-4-16-011hilton-rooftop-1-30-e1486579254483carver2

The James Fobb Estate

The James Fobb Estate

Future of Sutphin Boulevard and 94th Avenue

Future of Sutphin Boulevard and 94th Avenue

A good ole Jamaica ghetto cook-out.

A good ole Jamaica ghetto cook-out.

I mean what the hell does Jamaica what to be, LIC of the SE Queens (as can be seen by the MANY SPELLING MISTAKES of the below article), does it want to be “Homeless Shelter Village & OAC” (other assorted crap),  does it want to continue to be “ghetto”, I mean what the fuck is the goal here, because I just don’t get this mishmash.  Affordable housing next to luxury towers  (The Crossing) next to homeless shelters next to hip hotels with roof gardens next to poisonous waste transfer stations (Royal Waste) next to thug auto body shops next to ghetto crap next to third world country slumlord multi-family cheap apartments. Talk about an identity crisis, but then I am not surprised with the folks all involved especially from the Jamaica Now Action Plan: a extremely questionable borough president Katz, a do nothing lazy Senator Comrie, a crooked Reverend Flake, A GJDC that has really done little in its 40 years of existence, a crooked congressman Meeks and a whole slew of clowns.

I guess it is throw against the wall and see what sticks kind of planning.1ffcc2e


From Real Estate Weekly:



Renderings released for new Jamaica Transit Hub Hilton Garden Inn

GF55 Partners has released the first renderings for a new 27-story Hilton Garden Inn at the Jamaica Transit Hub adjacent to JFK Airport. GF55 is the architect and interior designer for the entire building.

The hotel breaks new ground in the development of the Hilton Garden Inn brand with its sophisticated and forward looking aesthetic. Taking cues from the HGI palette, GF55 reinterpreted the brand’s image.

hilton-lobby-lounge-w-1-30-300x197 Hilton lobby lounge

The result is a cosmopolitan and New York structure that will appeal to the international travel guest. The amenities take their cue from the energy of the City, with elements that connect to both business and leisure travelers.  Public spaces and rooms are adapted to meet the demands of the new wave of casual business traveler, providing a variation between softer and harder work surfaces. The lobby and meeting rooms are designed as multifunctional spaces with a flexible layout creating gathering spaces and a business hub.

The new Hilton Garden Inn will be one of the tallest buildings in the area.  Urbanistically it is a Transit Orientated Hospitality Design and will be iconic in its form as it will serve as a beacon for the revitalization that is happening in Downton Jamaica. The hotel’s sculptural roof design will serve as a unique and iconic crown. 125,000 sq. ft. hotel will contain 221 guest rooms, a full-service restaurant, a rooftop bar, gym and meeting rooms. The façade is made of reinforced concrete with a glass window wall for the guest rooms to take advantage of the views towards the Manhattan skyline.

hilton-rooftop-bar-w-1-30-300x197 Hilton rooftop bar

“This building has been an opportunity to create a complete environment as we have designed the building itself and all of the interior spaces and finishes.   It serves as a guidepost for our future upcoming hospitality work, “stated David E Gross AIA, Partner in charge for GF55.

The Hotel is across the street from the Jamaica Station bustling transit hub that serves the JFK’s Air Train the LIRR station, 3 subway lines and numerous bus routes. The 221-room hotel will be a part of the community drawing travelers from all over the world to Jamaica.

hilton-room-w-1-30-300x197 Hilton room

It is estimated that 60% of its guests will be in the travel business and that over 80% of its guests will arrive by public transportation and not in their own private vehicles. The non-profit organization, Greater Jamaica Development Corporation, has been instrumental in facilitating the project and has worked closely with the Owner / Developers Able Management Group for almost 6 years.  The hotel will break ground in early 2017 and is scheduled to be completed in October 2018.

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  1. Urbanistically?!!!

    Here they fucking come. The predatory developers and their out of scale, incongruous and bland, delusional depictions of high class living despite the decrepit surroundings and the average and below average salaries of the majority of residents in the area. All the cliched marketing propaganda is represented here-rooftop bar (wow,hillside blvd. and atlantic avenue is so gorgeous from up here), amenities, and the usual speculative nonsense about potential profits.

    I knew this project was bullshit from the start. The Jamaica Non-Action Committee seems to be filled with idiots.


    • I don’t get this shit. One day it is homeless shelters being dumped, another day it is some big luxury apartment building like The Crossing, then it is supportive housing and drug clinics, then it is affordable housing on old city property, then it is this roof top fancy hotel in the midst of CRAP. I have no idea what they are attempting to accomplish. At least when they went mega over development in LIC (where I lived for a long time), there was not tons of crap and high crime in the area, just potential and close to the city. This here in Jamaica is all over the damn map and how do you attempt to attract people for those kind of places when so much crap is all over and what about some of the people already here. I just don’t know anymore and what I will read when I get up, both in the White House and Jamaica. It is one big cluster fuck.


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