There are many major problems in the Jamaica and SE Queens area, which most of you are aware of and much starts with many of the residents who show complete and utter disrespect and no pride for their community they live in, they would rather just trash the hell out of it. BUT an even bigger problem, especially due to this, is the complete lack of upstanding hard working public servants, you know, our elected officials. Many have just been so entrenched in the system for years and decades while doing very little and not serving the people & community and not standing up for what is right, people like Senator Leroy Comrie, Assemembly Member Vivian Cook and Congressman Gregory Meeks. Others are plain corrupt assholes how never really cared about the community and instead cared about their bank accounts, people like former Assembly Member William Scarborough (in jail), Senator Malcolm Smith (in jail), former Senator Shirley Huntley (out of jail) and of course the big asshole,  that low-class ghetto trash, crooked Councilman  Ruben Wills, who has not just done nothing, but caused more problems while in office. His ass hopefully will be going to jail soon.

Enter community activist Richard David, who recently announced his bid for city council member in the 28th district. At least David is aware of the the problems in the area and how the area has not been properly served by elected officials.

Of course newbies running are always on best behavior, but throwing out the status quo, who have done NOTHING for the community and the constituents, like Wills, is the first step, even though one does not know how a new person will be. BUT why put back in those who continue to do nothing for the area. At least take a chance on someone new and if that person does not live up to expectations and become a proper public  servant, you toss them out down the road. I mean would you pull a carton of bad milk out of your refrigerator, smell it and put it back in, hoping it will be better tomorrow, hell no, you toss it out and buy a fresh one.

BUT stop voting stupid and the status quo who have not helped make the area better. Also the demographics are changing in the area and the elected leaders (mostly all black) no longer represent those changes, which would not be a problem if they were doing a bang up job, but they are not, they continue to keep Jamaica and SE Queens down in the ghetto gutter.

Talk about a need to drain the swamp, the ghetto Greater Jamaica area swamp.


From Queens Press:

Richard David Announces Bid For 28th District


Community activist and Southeast Queens native Richard David announced Tuesday that he will be running for the City Council’s 28th District.

David, who resides in South Ozone Park, made the announcement via Facebook. In the 98-second video, he details some of the hopes and aspirations that he’d like to fulfill in the district if elected this September.

Community Activist and Community Board 9 member Richard David announced via Facebook that he will be running for City Council this election season. Photo courtesy of YouTube

Community Activist and Community Board 9 member Richard David announced via Facebook that he will be running for City Council this election season. Photo courtesy of YouTube

“For far too long, Richmond Hill, Rochdale Village, South Ozone Park and South Jamaica have been divided and left behind,” David said. “We know what the problems are here. Our schools are failing our young people. Shelters are opening up left and right. And homeowners are being taxed more and we’re not getting more in return. The truth is [that] no one seems to stand up for the residents of District 28. Together, you and I can win this election.”

According to David, the district seemingly gets divided by neighborhoods east and west of the Van Wyck Expressway.  He said that he wants to “bridge the two sides” of the district in order to address these issues head-on.

“We can stand united for our seniors, for our children and for a better quality of life,” Richard said.

David currently serves a member of Community Board 9. He has also more than 10 years of experience serving other city agencies. He has served as executive director for the city Department of Community Affairs, vice president of the city Economic Development Corporation and executive director of the Indo-Caribbean Alliance Inc.

“As an activist in our community, I know what it’s like to fight hard for  everything that I have,” he said. “To struggle and to overcome. I love District 28, and I’m ready to work hard to get us real results.”

Currently, City Council District 28 is led by Councilman Ruben Wills (D-Jamaica). However, Wills has been accused of funneling taxpayer money into a non-profit organization that he controlled and using that money to purchase luxury items. Two weeks ago, the PRESS of Southeast Queens reported that the trial determining Wills’ fate was delayed due to a “conflict of interest” involving his attorney. According to the State Attorney General’s office, there have been no developments in the case since then. If convicted, Wills faces up to seven years in prison.
The Democratic primaries are set for Sept. 12.



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