As a liberal Democrat, each day, I dislike the Democrats and bleeding heart liberal more and more and it is BULLSHIT like this which does it and which ultimately put an unqualified person in the White House. I mean what the fuck don’t you get. It is bad enough this fucking dirt bag city is a sanctuary city to waste money and take care of people that are other states problems.

This mayor and his administration certainly does not seem to care about us LEGAL hard working tax payers who pay his fucking salary. Instead he is concerned with people who are here ILLEGALLY and some of those folks who are criminals or have records. He is more concerned with homeless people, improperly,  by warehousing them in shitty hotels and then dumping them in certain areas (low income, black and immigrant communities) and allowing them to camp out in subway stations (Jamaica Center, LIRR Sutphin Blvd, 179th Street) and ride in subway cars while us tax payers have to deal with their filth and erratic and dangerous behavior).

Here are some comments from people over at Queens Crap, where this great blog had the same article:

MS-13, Where have I heard that name before? Oh, Long Island.


Mayor Big Slow is fucked in the head. Enough with exploiting Trump’s ill-willed and scattershot immigration policies and the voter pandering. For I am sure that the hispanic communities wouldn’t give a shit if this gangbanger was dead.

This also


Mayor Prozac should bring Mr. Valasquez home to Gracie Mansion and let him hang out with Dante.

THANKS FUCKING ASSHOLE DUMBO, you fucking coward. It seems the Democrats today no longer care about hard working tax payers and their quality of life.


NO MORE ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


From The Daily News:

Mayor de Blasio rips feds for deporting Queens immigrant accused of being gang member


Last year, ICE sent the NYPD 72 detainer requests. The NYPD ignored 70 of them because only two met the department’s criteria, a police source said.

(Charles Reed/AP)

One mayor’s harmless undocumented immigrant is the feds’ menace to society.Mayor de Blasio lashed out Tuesday at Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials after their agents scooped up a 19-year-old Salvadoran immigrant in Queens.

The inter-agency clash over Estivan Velasquez comes at a time of escalating tension between de Blasio and the feds, as President Trump seeks to strengthen immigration laws and beef up enforcement.

ICE officials issued a detainer order to the city Department of Correction in May, telling them to place a federal hold on Velasquez. But the city released Velasquez from Rikers Island on Thursday after he served nearly five months for disorderly conduct, a misdemeanor.

bags21n-1-webMayor de Blasio slammed Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials after their agents scooped up a 19-year-old Salvadoran immigrant in Queens.

(Todd Maisel/New York Daily News)

Later that day, ICE agents busted Velasquez, whom they described as a gang member and a potential threat to public safety. Velasquez was in the midst of being deported late Tuesday.

De Blasio cried foul.

“The detainee was released after he pled guilty and served his time for an offense that does not qualify as a violent or serious felony under the city’s local laws,” said Rosemary Boeglin, a mayoral spokeswoman.

94145238Trump has been trying to beef up immigration laws — a move that has put him at odds with de Blasio

(Pool/Getty Images)

“And his gang affiliation was not supported by evidence that meets even minimal constitutional standards. When ICE presents evidence to our city that an individual in our custody has been convicted of a violent or serious offense — one that threatens the public’s safety — we will fully cooperate,” Boeglin added. “Short of that, this administration and our Police Department do not believe we make our city safer by needlessly tearing apart families and communities.”

ICE officials said Velasquez admitted to agents he was a member of the MS-13 gang. He was one of at least 41 people the agency detained around the city in the last month.

Velasquez entered the U.S. illegally, ICE officials said. And in November 2015, a judge ordered he be deported. His criminal history in the U.S. includes reckless endangerment, criminal possession of a weapon in the fourth degree, and disorderly conduct, ICE officials said.

nyc-jail-suicidesVelasquez was locked up at Rikers for nearly five months for disorderly conduct. After his release, he was nabbed by ICE agents.

(Seth Wenig/AP)

ICE did not provide details about Velasquez’s disorderly conduct arrest or whether the other cases resulted in convictions.

“It’s the politics of fear,” said Camille Mackler, director of legal initiatives for the New York Immigration Coalition, said. “They’re actually inflicting more harm than doing any kind of good.”

But ICE countered Velasquez should have never been “released back into the community.”

immigration-arrestsICE agents are deporting a Salvadoran immigrant who they say is a gang member. But city officials argue there’s no evidence proving the man is part of a gang.

(Bryan Cox/AP)

“Honoring a detainer request is not about politics, it is about keeping New York citizens safe,” said Thomas Decker, ICE’s top deportation official in New York.

For most crimes, city jail bosses refuse to hand over people who have been arrested when requested by the feds for deportation proceedings. But there are 170 serious crimes that trigger the city’s cooperation.

Last year, ICE sent the NYPD 72 detainer requests. The NYPD ignored 70 of them because only two met the department’s criteria, a police source told the Daily News. Figures regarding the Department of Correction’s response to such requests were not immediately available.

In November 2014, de Blasio vowed to “end cooperation with federal ‘detainer requests’ for all residents,” except those convicted of serious crimes.


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