Some people are probably saying again with another post about this bull, I thought this blog was about Cleaning Up Jamaica. BUT this story covers much territory about quality of life issues. One I am a big animal lover, not the two legged Jamaica animals running around causing havoc with their ghetto behavior, so seeing this poor animal suffer as it was running for freedom in a crowded city was appalling and shows just how horrible these shitty slaughterhouses are totally mismanaged here. Two, while I don’t approve of slaughterhouses (I am a vegetarian), I have no issue with people who do eat meat (although I wonder if folks saw the inside of these places or had to kill the animals themselves, they might change their mind), I do have a major issue with such places being smack in the middle of a crowded downtown area like Jamaica near shopping stores, residents, a college and tons of traffic which cause major safety issues. Such places should be in isolated areas, like industrial, etc far from residents.

Many people, some who have lived in Jamaica forever,  have told me they had no idea that such places were right in the downtown area, even though many probably walk by the one on Archer and 165th St without even knowing, all though I don’t know how you could. And since this was not an isolated incident with this bull escaping (it has happened many times in the past), it is just a matter of time before people will get hurt or there is a big traffic accident. Why such places were given a license to operate in a congested residential/shopping area is beyond my imagination, but given that this is ghetto Jamaica with do nothing ghetto elected official, that is no surprise. Clowns like Comrie, Meeks, Flake, Cook, Meeks,  Community Board 12, etc have allowed a poisonous waste transfer station (Royal Waste) to be placed in the downtown area, have allowed Merrick Blvd to turn into the new Willets Point thanks to tons of unscrupulous thug auto body shops, allowed a huge bus terminal to be placed across from the public library and many apartment buildings, allowed tons of homeless shelters to be dumped here for years  and allowed large tractor trailer trucks and other commercial vehicles to park wherever the fuck they want, this is no surprise.

Do nothing ghetto leaders equal ghetto community and many of the folks living here keep putting these clowns back in office never demanding that they actually work and hold them responsible for the going on in said ghetto community. BUT think about it, would Forest Hills allow this ( I mean they have a big Jewish population), would Melinda Katz approve one near her, would Dumblasio allow this to take place in Park Slope.

As usual Jamaica is the bastard son of Queens and the dumping ground for SHIT courtesy of people like deBlasio, Katz, Comrie and the black clown elected official posse.

BUT just maybe, this will bring attention to these filthy poorly run slaughterhouses in residential areas.


From The Daily News:

Animal rights activists hold solemn vigil for bull that died after its escape from Queens slaughterhouse


Dozens gathered to mourn the late bull.


No bull.

A somber candlelight vigil was held Wednesday evening in Queens for the ill-fated bull who died after escaping a slaughterhouse a day earlier.

The bovine’s brief brush with freedom in Jamaica inspired dozens of animal rights activists to line the sidewalk outside the Aziz Slaughterhouse with signs.

bull4The bull led police on a chase for hours before succumbing to tranquilizers.

(Theodore Parisienne/Theodore Parisienne)

“I felt so connected to him, I felt like I was watching my own brother or someone I loved running for their life and it was heartbreaking,” said organizer Heather Greenhouse.

Police struggled for hours to corral the creature on Tuesday, eventually hitting it with multiple tranquilizer darts. But after being loaded into a trailer, it died en route to the Center for Animal Care and Control in Brooklyn.

bull23n-1-webThe bull died en route to the Center for Animal Care and Control in Brooklyn.


“When I saw that he ultimately died from the NYPD, I was sad beyond description,” said Bobby McCullough. “There’s something a little bit more tragic about seeing an animal so close to being free and ultimately falling short and being killed.”

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