This whole identity politics that the Democrats are playing is what cost them the election and put in this idiot Donald Trump.

NEWSFLASH: I AM NOT MUSLIM TOO. Neither are you deBlasio, neither are you Simmons nor the many others carry such signs. You are all American Citizens or just PEOPLE.  This type of identity politics is a liberal Democratic thing, just like “fake news” is a conservative Republican thing and BOTH are problematic.

I AM NOT MUSLIM, not even close nor do I want to be. That does not mean I don’t have compassion or I am racist, I AM JUST NOT MUSLIM. And picking out the flavor of the month (for votes of course) is extremely problematic, especially with a religion (ISLAM) that treats most women horrible, and which treats homosexuals horrible and I would think liberals would be against this middle age type of thinking (And I am not talking “radical Islam” either, I am just taking Islam. Where are your rallies for Muslim women and Muslim homosexuals who have been persecuted by their own religion for being who they are.

Correct me if I am wrong, but I certainly have never seen a protest or signs EVER in this country saying “I am Black Too” or I am Jewish Too” or “I am homosexual too”. I am curious how many Muslims would be carry signs saying “I am homosexual too”.

Aligning yourself with Muslims when you FAIL to oppose the treatment of women, the treatment of homosexuals and fail to oppose all the violence that has literally destroyed many Muslim countries causing a MAJOR refugee crisis as those countries empty out show how clueless people like deBlasio and Simmons are and what major hypocrites they and others are. And while I understand this whole “I am Muslim too” is meant to be taken symbolically, never the less is,  it problematic, problematic on one level, because you do not do this with all various groups. Also the problem with many of these countries is not everyone there is Muslim as well.

Read http://mondoweiss.net/2017/02/standing-solidarity-muslims/ written by Roqayah Chamseddine, a Sydney based Lebanese-American writer.

ENOUGH with the identity politics which is problematic and killing the Democrats. Democrats are just as bad as Republican for pitting different groups of people at each other. ENOUGH.




From USA Today :

NYC ‘I Am A Muslim Too’ rally protests travel ban

captureActivists gathered in New York City to oppose President Trump’s travel ban that targets seven countries with large Muslim populations. USA TODAY NETWORK

More than 1,000 people filled New York’s Times Square on Sunday, waving American flags and holding signs saying “No Muslim Ban.”

The “I Am A Muslim Too” rally, designed to support Muslim Americans and protest President Trump’s immigration policies, was organized by several groups, including the non-profit organization Foundation for Ethnic Understanding (FFEU).

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio told the crowd that America is “a country founded to protect all faiths and all beliefs.”

He headlined the event, joined by several religious leaders, including Imam Shamsi Ali of the Jamaica Muslim Center, who served as grand marshal of New York City’s Muslim Day Parade last fall, ABC News reported.

In a statement issued last week, Simmons said: “We are living in a time when unity will make America great. This is a special moment for all Americans of goodwill to band together to promote the kind of compassion and equality for others that we want for ourselves.”

Rabbi Marc Schneier, FFEU’s president, co-organized the first “Today, I Am A Muslim Too” in 2010, ABC reported.

In a statement, Rabbi Schneier said: “We must join together at the most famous crossroads in the world to make a collective statement that, ‘Whenever my Muslim brothers and sisters are demonized and vilified, discriminated against or victimized by hate crimes and violence, ‘Today, I am a Muslim too.'”

Sunday’s event came one day after a larger march in downtown Los Angeles, in which thousands of activists marched to oppose immigration enforcement raids, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Activists, who want a fund to provide legal assistance to immigrants, demanded that local officials take concrete steps to thwart what they called President Trump’s “deportation machine.”




  1. With this appearance, our corrupt mayor under investigation in 4 federal cases involving illegal fundraising and favors enriching lobbyists and developers proves that he has not worked or run the city for 4 days straight. It should be noted that this fraud has appeared at 4 other mass protests in the past month.

    And Russell Simmons should focus more on his own problems involving his bullshit credit card company. (With this fiasco, it’s amazing this guy once managed RunDMC, Public Enemy, De La Soul, Tribe called Quest and Eric B And Rakim.)


    I don’t have a problem with the Muslim faith or these protests, since it brings attention to the malicious, incompetent and most of all expensive and excessive enforcement of the policies of Don Worthless, which I think are necessary. It’s the people, particularly the familiar faces of pandering officials and opportunist celebrities being spokespersons for these causes. And of course the hypocrites and zealots who abuse the faith just like scumbags from other religions from Catholicism to Judaism to take advantage of vulnerable believers.


    • Simmons is just another in a long line of elitist celebrity frauds, who make appearances every then and now for self-promotion. I mean where is Simmons and all of his black elitist celebrities when it comes to run down black areas, I mean what have any of them done to help improve these areas with all their money. Simmons pulled this same bullshit during the whole attack on black women with rap music and he being the person who help to start this whole attack on black music with all of his rap acts. A fraud and hypocrite living the life of luxury in the shadows of his brothers and sisters living in poverty and crime ridden areas in the USA.


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