One side says we have a MAJOR PROBLEM, while the other side says WE HAVE NO PROBLEM, but the REALITY is there is a problem, no matter how you slice and dice it to your base. While both sides lie, the truth is in the middle.


From Queens Crap & Wall Street Journal:

And this is why we need border control…

Robert Capers

From the Wall Street Journal:

Sixteen alleged members of a Central American gang were charged Thursday for a range of crimes—including murder, assault and racketeering—in connection with three brutal slayings that rocked Brentwood on Long Island last year.

The U.S. attorney’s office for the Eastern District of New York accused the alleged members of the MS-13 gang of killing two Brentwood High School students by beating them with a bat and attacking them with a machete in September. Prosecutors also alleged they stabbed and beat to death fellow gang member Jose Pena, also a Brentwood High School student, in June.

“These were terrible, heinous crimes,” U.S. Attorney Robert Capers said.

The 13 adult defendants’ ages range from 18 to 29. Some go by nicknames: “Muerte,” “Big Homie,” and “Smiley.” Three additional defendants are minors.

Prosecutors are considering the death penalty for some of the defendants. Most of the others could be sentenced to life in prison, if convicted.

Ten of the adult defendants are illegal immigrants, Mr. Capers said. He declined to say whether federal immigration agents had inquired about them.


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