captureI was shocked the other day to see that True Value Hardware (169-21) on Hillside Avenue had signs all over “CLOSING”, “EVERYTHING MUST GO, INCLUDING FIXTURES”.  Since I lived here that was my one go to store for quality tools, paints, electrical, household goods, gardening items, outdoor furniture, plants, plumbing, etc. There was nothing like it in this entire area (not counting the monster Home Depot on 168 St & Jamaica).

When I walked in yesterday the one guy I know who works there, told me they will close in 4 weeks and that it was very sudden. Considering all the homes, apartments, businesses, I am surprised it closed, since like I said, it is your one stop shop for all those types of items.

Lord knows what will go into that space, a gigantic shit 99 cent store. I mean True Value was one of the few decent businesses on that awful third world country mess.

The one decent thing here and it closes soon. So if you need tools, paints, etc, head over there, since most everything is on sale, BUT beware very long lines as when I went yesterday, when it had opened after being closed for two days to prepare for the “Everything Must Go”.





  1. So sad Joe. Another sign of amazon killing these local stores. Started going to True Value in the early 90’with my father when I was a kid. I was shocked and so saddened to see this, it was kind of like a landlmark for our family and neighbors. The guys in the store told me the building will be demolished for condos. I just hope it’s something nice!!!



    • That store was so unique in that you could get pretty much everything for your home/apartment, nothing else even close to in around. We don’t need more apartments/condos. I kind of figure that might be the case. I loved that place, got so much stuff there plus it was only a couple of blocks from me.


      • True Value was unique and will be missed. Don’t know if condos are appropriate for Hillside. But something needs to be done to clean up that stretch of Hillside between 170-165. It’s a mess!!! True Value was the only decent store to shop at. End of an era I guess.



  2. This is the pattern of hyper-development. Long-time established and essential businesses close abruptly. It’s done with the subtlety of serial killing. This is documented everyday on Jeremiah’s Vanishing New York for the past 5-6 years.

    This is not going to turn out well at all.


  3. I take offense to Hillside ave being referred to as the third world ghetto mess, since true value was owned by an individual from the third world. All the stores on Hillside ave are doing very well. Fresh fruits and vegetables are always available, the restaurants are always bustling. A vibrant economy even during a very slow recession……because of the third world individuals who dared to to go after the american dream.


    • Take offense all you want. The comment refers to the condition of all the garbage all over Hillside that just gets tossed down on the ground and the dumping of household garbage in the public cans by the residents who live there and some of the businesses which I have personally seen. Many of the stores do not even bother to clean up in front of their businesses and the fish place on Hillside and 168 have had five large dead fish in their murky dirty water with live fresh. The comment is in regards to the people’s behavior of not keeping the area clean, which is their responsibility, hence the comment “third world ghetto mess”. It needs cleaned up. You don’t see Austin Street in Forest Hills looking like that mess you see on Hillside Ave. Instead of taking offense then teach your brothers and sisters there to be clean about their surroundings.


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