Another Starbucks is coming to Downtown Jamaica, this time on “The Ave” in the spot where that GameStop was. As a follower of this blog stated:

Hahaha, my friend on FB shared a picture of the new Starbucks being built on The Ave and it said “On The Ave, Really” with a angry face. My friend said “And the take over begins”. Damn, such hate for decent businesses coming to the neighborhood…I just don’t get I”.

I don’t get it either, it is just a damn Starbucks. What fucking take over. You mean how a once nice downtown area was taken over by ghetto shit. I mean right now you cannot even get a damn coffee on that strip. Plus Starbucks pays much better than most of those crap stores and they have good benefits. It is a win-win and good for both the community and residents.

I guess some people want Jamaica and Downtown Jamaica to stay GHETTO CRAP. This community has been GHETTO SHIT for decades, time for a change.

Hala Live Slaughterhouse (92-56 165th St) right in the middle of downtown Jamaica and yes those are apartment going up across from it.

Totally Illegal blocking of sidewalk. Pretty Girl is one of many stores on Jamaica Ave doing this. Besides making it difficult to manuever, it is low-class ghetto/third world country EYESORE.

Come visit Jamaica Ave, home of low-class ghetto & crap third world shopping.

A few years back Jamaica BID made a big deal about this store, Cool Cats (cheap jewelry) you see in various neighborhoods, one was in the Village. Here in Jamaica it barely lasted a year and a half, now just a shit store of assorted crap inside with the loud microphone asshole in front (see this shit all on the Ave). Of course owners of this third world flea market leaves the old sign up. SO GHETTO.

Shit Jamaica Ave retail crap tossed out on the street.

Six days later, nothing had been done and more garbage was added, this in the “Jamaica Revealed” downtown.

She certainly does not look like some starving young girl in Africa.

Is this an example of being on “the right track”.

Jamaica in the box retail



  1. Wow man. Seems like you’re the first to report on all things Jamaica. First about the True Value closing up and now about Starbucks coming to The Ave. Seems like good things are brewing in and around Jamaica. You put all the local media to shame.



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