Sure Donald Trump ( I just refused to put the word President before this clown’s name) is a shyster, a con man and pretty much an idiot, but Congressman Meeks who held one of those useless town hall meetings that crooked SE Queens politicians like to hold (I had gone to a former Senator Malcolm Smith one a few years back where that clown showed up 1/2 late for his own town hall meeting) and used it to criticize Trump’s immigration polices.

I mean considering how fucked up Jamaica’s elected officials are and pretty much SE Queens hacks AND how the quality of life in this area of mostly color and immigrants is poor, one is going to criticize another politician when his own house is not cleaned. GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK.

I mean, let’s get REAL here. Did Donald Trump have anything to do with the poisonous Royal Waste Services being dumped in the middle of a residential area over a decade ago (by the way Jamaica has the highest rate of asthma, think there is a connection and who knows about the cancer rate). Donald Trump had nothing to do with dozens of homeless shelters dumped in the area. Donald Trump had nothing to do with most of crime ridden South Jamaica looking likes some garbage strewn third world country. Trump had nothing to do with thug auto body shops take over of Merrick Blvd with junked and unlicensed vehicles all over streets and sidewalks. Trump had nothing to do with the huge amount of illegal garbage dumping. DO I need to go on.

Royal Waste Disaster at the 170th Street/Douglas location where 3 workers were killed by toxic chemicals in 2009

Take care of your LOCAL PROBLEMS and then criticized another politician.

Your comment Meeks:

“There are people who were too afraid to come here tonight,” Meeks said after the meeting. “This is our fourth town hall, and at each one people have told me they are there getting information for someone else who was afraid to show up.”

MOST don’t show up to these bogus town hall meeting where folks like you and the other asshole elected officials put on a dog and pony show and  puff put your chest, but then NOT a DAMN thing gets addressed or solved. I know, I have been to these clown shows, just red meat to the folks, that is all to justify your bloated salaries.

AND enough with the immigration shit, I and many others are tired of it. FIRST OFF, the policies have to do with ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION, not LEGAL IMMIGRATION. How many times you going to beat on this dead horse. At least Trump put this whole illegal immigration mess that has been going on for decades with no type of solution into the spotlight. I will give him credit for that. NOW it is up to all of you clowns to actually address the elephant in the living room.


From Queens Chronicle:

Meeks trashes Trump immigration policies

Says executive orders have people living in fear of the government


Posted: Thursday, March 9, 2017 10:30 am

About 150 people packed into American Legion Post 483 in Rosedale Monday night as U.S. Rep Greg Meeks (D-Queens, Nassau) discussed President Trump’s evolving immigration policy and what rights immigrants have.

But Meeks was far more concerned with many he believes did not attend.

“There are people who were too afraid to come here tonight,” Meeks said after the meeting. “This is our fourth town hall, and at each one people have told me they are there getting information for someone else who was afraid to show up.”

And what appeared to be apprehension in some immigrant communities in Queens appears only to have worsened since March 1, when Daniela Vargas, 22, who was illegally brought to the United States by her parents when she was 7, was arrested by federal agents after speaking out at a rally in Jackson, Miss.

“We’re trying other ways to get the information out there,” Meeks said.

Monday’s meeting was well-advertised, though there was no conspicuous evidence of federal law enforcement if any were present in the hall or outside of the building on 135th Avenue.

On at least two occasions in recent weeks, false rumors of raids by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE, spread like wildfire over social media in the Indo-Caribbean community along the Liberty Avenue corridor in Jamaica and Richmond Hill.

The president’s original U.S. entry restrictions, including a ban on travel from seven predominantly Muslim countries, was blocked in federal court. Meeks is not impressed by a new executive order dropping the total to six.

“Make no mistake — this is a Muslim ban,” he said.

And he is livid over the proposal in some cases of refugee applications to separate children from their parents for a year or more while their cases are adjudicated.

“It’s supposed to be a disincentive,” he added. “… They talk about ‘extreme vetting.’ The process already can take two to three years. How much more extreme do you want?”

Another executive order widened the scope of unauthorized immigrants who might be picked up and deported.

But Meeks said people with visas, green cards and other legal residential status need to be just about as careful as those who have entered the country illegally.

Meeks said one advantage those living in the city have is Mayor de Blasio’s continuing designation of New York as a sanctuary city, with police not checking the immigration status of those picked up.

“If you have parking tickets, you’re not going to be deported,” the congressman said.

He said in the event someone is approached on the street by agents they should have copies — not originals — of certain papers handy.

He said if agents come knocking at people’s homes, there is one initial precaution.

“Don’t open the door,” he advised.

Meeks said people should ask the visitors to identify themselves and what their business is. If they are ICE or other federal agents, people can ask if they have a warrant. Even those, Meeks said, may offer some leeway.

He said an administrative warrant is different from a formal warrant signed by a federal judge.

“Ask them to slip the warrant under the door,” Meeks said, adding that the judge’s signature and the scope of the warrant should be visible in the top few lines of the document.

“If is it signed by a judge, you have to open the door,” he said. But he also said the warrant must spell out exactly what or who the agents are looking for, and where they intend to look.

And the congressman said noncitizens who intend to travel abroad, unlike people stopped by the NYPD for routine or minor matters, need to make sure they have no outstanding issues.

“Make sure you cross all your Ts and dot all your Is,” he said. “If you owe child support, pay it before you go. If you have tickets, pay them. Because if you don’t, they may not let you back in.”




  1. It’s a guarantee that this ‘Congressman’ hasn’t read a damn thing – in any detail – of any legislation or order initiated by Trump or his supporters.
    He can’t, it’s a mandate of his ‘religion’, the SE Congressional Mafia religion of kowtowing to his constituency, which is the entrenched FSA (Free Shit Army): anyone would have to be high to expect anything new or different from this guy.
    Along the lines of being ‘in-tune’ with his constituency, someone should invite him to see how successful that new ‘clean-curb’ (or whatever) ‘Jamaica HIlls Sanitation’ iniative has been working out.
    An early Mon morning milk run last week passing the corner of Hillside & 168th St ~ 8 AM revealed: on the NE and NW side of Hillside, the largest mountain of ‘personnel’ trash I had ever seen: it was roughly TWICE again the size of the trash can that had been full for days: trash was spilling all over the sidewalk, even into the street.
    A sea of small discarded tea cups seemed the most ubiquitous trash item tossed by the Bangla Mob that descends on that corner nightly, blocking the sidewalk, the subway entrances, turning the place into another hellhole.
    Maybe you can get Councilman Lancman – another guy who will runover anyone in his way to get his face in the paper or on TV, as with the ‘rollout’ of this great ‘trash initiative’ that you reported on some months back – can accompany Meeks on a tour of this proud Jamaica business district – NOT.


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