Well, the vehicle with NYPD on the dash that had been illegally parked for two weeks blocking a fire hydrant at 172nd St and Hillside Avenue turns out to NOT be NYPD, which I suspected from the get-go due to the  location and the amount of time that car was there.

After talking to my 103rd precinct NCO (Neighborhood Community Officers), Sclafani and York, two really great guys who focus on the area between Hillside Avenue and the LIRR train tracks & 175th Street to the Van Wyck focusing on all quality of life issues, they looked into this after the failed 311 complaints and found out that the plates on the vehicle came back to a location in Suffolk County and Community Affairs Detective, Marc Costa (another great guy) sent out a letter warning of consequences for future parking there.  Detective Costa also stated that NYPD on the dash was not a decal but on a vest to make it appear it was NYPD personnel when in fact this individual has nothing to do with NYDP. This is not the first time I have seen vehicles in the area parked illegally for days and weeks using this bogus NYPD item.

Speaking of Neighborhood Community Officers or the Program, if you are not familiar with it, YOU SHOULD (http://www1.nyc.gov/office-of-the-mayor/news/646-16/mayor-de-blasio-commissioner-bratton-expansion-neighborhood-policing-program-51). It is a program in many precincts where two officers cover a particular area in the district and they focus on all types of quality of life issue from illegal truck driving to noise and everything in between. They pretty much wipe out the middle man of 311. So you should get to know your NCO’s in your area and you can find that out by speaking with your precinct’s community affairs department.

So if you live in the area of Jamaica that I mentioned above, please contact those officers with your issues (they don’t handle garbage issues though) but like I said they cover illegal parking, illegal truck driving on residential streets (they pretty much put an end to the illegal truck driving on my street), illegal truck parking and a host of other quality of life issues.

Sitting down with Officers Sclafani and York the other day, they informed me of some other issues they are working on. They have contacted all the auto body shops in their area to inform them that there will be no more illegal parking of junked and unlicensed vehicles on the streets and sidewalk and paid a visit to the shop on Archer Ave and 149th. They will be confiscating all loud speakers and microphones that blast either music or talk in front of the stores in downtown Jamaica (which by the way is ILLEGAL). They are working with Sanitation to make sure that sidewalks are not being blocked by racks of merchandise as well. Stores can only place merchandise 3 feet into the sidewalk from the front of their store (Pretty Girl is the biggest culprit and that store is one of several in their sites). They are also working with DOT to put up NO PARKING signs inside all the LIRR Tunnels in their district, which has become a major safety issues,  especially with the large tractor trailer trucks parking there. They are also aware that ice cream trucks cannot play their loud music while they are parked or idling, only when they are in motion and will be on the look-out for that come the warm weather.

Totally Illegal blocking of sidewalk. Pretty Girl is one of many stores on Jamaica Ave doing this. Besides making it difficult to manuever, it is low-class ghetto/third world country EYESORE. On NCO’s radar.

147th Pl between Jamaica & Archer Ave. 5.20.16. NOW on the NCO’s radar.

So again, get to know who your NCO’s are in your district. The 103rd precinct program started in October 2016 and I immediately got to know Officers Sclafani and York and cannot tell you how helpful they have been and how on top of issues they are. BUT you folks must play your part as well and be concerned citizens because, there are some new sheriffs in Jamaica “Dodge City” and they don’t play around. For those in the area I mentioned, if you need these NCO’s contact information, just let me know. All others contact your local precinct.


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