One of the biggest problems with SE Queens besides some of the residents and apathy are the lack of proper and good leadership for years and decades. It has been the same SHIT it seems like forever. Names like Comrie, Meeks, Cook, Spigner, Flake, Scarborough, Smith and Ruben Wills, one of the biggest douchebags to ever set foot in the political arena and that is a feat in itself considering that the majority of NYC elected officials are worth shit. Do nothings, kiss asses, crooked, corrupt, idiots and political whores and nowhere is that more apparent in the step-bastard borough of Queens from the Queens Borough Presidents, past and present all the ways down to council members, like 12 years of nothing with Comrie. SE Queens and Jamaica have been CRAP for decades, proving that there is very ineffective leadership. Currently I would say the best in the SE Queens area are Senator Tony Avella (who covers a small portion of the area), Councilman Donovan Richards and lately I have been growing fond of Councilman I. Daneek Miller and who has proposed several good bills since he has been in office.

Now time for some major spring cleaning and that cleaning is dumping that big asshole Ruben Wills. So step in Richard Donovan who is announcing his bid for Will’s seat in District 28. The way I look at it, even the current person has no done anything, throw his or her ass OUT and replace them. Should David win, eyes will be on him to promote change and help improve the area, otherwise, out he will go as well.

So eyes are on  you David.

Also we need some NEW YOUNG blood in office in SE Queens and someone other than the same old black hack politicians, since the community needs a more diverse group in leadership to reflect the changing community.


From Communities of Color:

Richard David Announces City Council Bid

March 22, 2017
Candidate Richard David

Richard David announced his candidacy for NYC Council District 28 on Valentine’s Day. The seat is currently held by Council Member Ruben Wills.
David is the former Vice President of the NYC Economic Development Corporation. He also was the Executive Director at the NYC Department of Consumer Affairs and a member of Community Board 9.
Davis is a resident of Richmond Hills and deeply rooted in that area of the District. Richmond Hills is the area of the District where Sikh temples exists alongside Mosques. The stretch of Liberty Avenue in the district is known to many as “Little Guyana” due to its large population of Indo-Caribbean residents.
David is the co-founder of the Indo-Caribbean Alliance which does outreach and community events in South Queens.
Despite his deep roots in Richmond Hills, he is no stranger to the other areas of the District which in lude Rochdale Village, South Ozone Park and South Jamaica. He is in attendance at area civic meetings, vigils and town halls. David is well known by area civic leaders and elected officials.
David is the first candidate to officially declare his intentions for the seat. Hettie Powell, an attorney from Rochdale Village, has expressed interest in running, has made a filing for the seat but has made no formal announcement. Adrienne Adams, Community Board 12 Chairperson, is rumored to be entering the race. She most recently unsuccessfully ran for NYS Senator District 10 against Senator James Sanders Jr.
“Local government has been virtually absent in my district for several years now. Our residents have been locked out of vital decisions, we do not have a respected voice fighting to bring more resources into the community and our quality of life has decreased,” said Richard David in a statement announcing his candidacy.
Wills is currently on trial for falsifying business records and third degree grand larceny charges. As a result of his indictments, Council Member Wills was stripped of his ability to designate grants to community groups in 2014. Council Member Wills spent the most part of last year on sick leave from the Council for an undisclosed illness.




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