89-64 168 Pl.

Hell, why not go one step even further, why not walk abound such places as the filthy disgusting Hillside Avenue or that mess, known as Jamaica Avenue or how about a tour of the poisonous ROYAL WASTE, near a park and residential homes and apartments and just a few blocks from downtown Jamaica. Or how about a walk along Merrick Blvd to see how the thug auto body shops have taken over that area or a leisurely walk in South Jamaica on Guy Brewer Rd from South Road to 107th Ave or hang out by the LIRR/Subway station at Sutphin Blvd & Archer Avenue or go down into the bowels of Jamaica Center Station to see the underground homeless village. We have plenty of walking tours for you to choose from: trash to waste dumps and everything in between.

NOPE, hang out in the safe confines of Borough Hall where you do not have to get down and dirty and see what the folks of Jamaica deal with on a daily basis.

The future of Jamaica

Jamaica Center Subway Station in downtown Jamaica

Beautiful Hillside Ave. The REAL Jamaica.

This bus had to move into another lane due to auto body shop blocking the lane.


From The Daily News:

EXCLUSIVE: De Blasio and his senior staff to set up shop near you in new initiative ‘City Hall in Your Borough’

Mayor de Blasio and his senior staff will be setting up City Hall in the five boroughs through the city’s new initiative “City Hall in Your Borough.”

(Susan Watts/New York Daily News)

Mayor de Blasio is taking his show on the road.

City Hall will set up shop on Staten Island for a week in April, as part of the first installment of “City Hall in Your Borough” — a new initiative to immerse the mayor and his senior staff in each of the five boroughs throughout the rest of the year.

“We know City Hall can seem far away from many corners of our city,” de Blasio spokeswoman Jessica Ramos said. “‘City Hall in Your Borough’ will allow the administration to be on the ground in each borough, communicating directly with community leaders and residents in their neighborhoods.”

From April 9 to April 13, de Blasio and his deputy mayors, commissioners and top staff will operate out of Staten Island’s Borough Hall, where they’ll do their day-to-day work and take meetings with constituents and local officials.

NYC pols rally to raise age for trying teens as adults

“There’s no truth to the rumor that I will lock them into Borough Hall until I get most of what I need for Staten Island,” Borough President James Oddo, a Republican, joked.

Trips to other boroughs will also be based out of borough halls, except in Manhattan, where the city will look for space uptown, the mayor’s office said.

The sojourn to Staten Island will also include a visit to a house of worship, meetings with local groups and a town hall, according to the mayor’s office, as well as several events city First Lady Chirlane McCray will hold related to her ThriveNYC mental health program.

 But Oddo said he’s most interested in the work that can get done behind the scenes in meetings at the staff and commissioner levels — and one-on-one sitdowns with Hizzoner.

“What the mayor is doing sounds like he wants to do a lot of retail, and I love retail,” Oddo said. “But I need to address the wholesale issues that are going to affect a lot of Staten Islanders.”Oddo said he’s already working to ensure the week’s agenda reflects local priorities — not those of the mayor’s staff.

“The five days that the mayor will be out here is probably the most critical five days we will have with this administration,” said Oddo, who noted the mayor is often more responsive to his calls than the agencies de Blasio runs are. “I need to get answers, get solutions, at the very least move the ball on all of these issues. And the key to that is getting an agreement ahead of time that these are the issues we will focus on.”

De Blasio isn’t the first mayor to bring the city government to the boroughs.

Oddo recalled Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s roving cabinet meetings. Mayor David Dinkins, for whom de Blasio worked, held similar weeklong trips to the boroughs. His journey to Staten Island got off on a bad foot when he scrapped plans to use the office of then-Borough President Guy Molinari, who had criticized the mayor’s response to a police-involved shooting and the resulting aftermath in Washington Heights.

Like Dinkins, de Blasio is not exactly popular on Staten Island — he’s a “left mayor,” and the borough is a “center-right island,” as Oddo put it. But when the mayor recently visited Lee’s Tavern for pizza, Oddo said, he was warmly received.

“I’m not saying they like him or are going to vote for him — and frankly, I don’t care if they vote for him. They liked the fact that he was on Staten Island,” Oddo said. “Liking him and voting for him may be off the table, fine. That doesn’t obviate his responsibility to address their concerns.”


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