The chicken or the egg, which came first or in Jamaica terms: The ghetto residents or the conditions that created the ghetto and the ghetto residents?

Do residents of Jamaica Queens created ghetto and deplorable conditions OR do elected officials and city agencies create ghettos by doing nothing to improve quality of life issues and have residents get used to their surroundings of garbage, filth, poison and crime.  After 6 years of living in the hell ghetto, no doubt the later. Frankenstein could not have been created without Dr. Frankenstein, plain and simple, something our media refuses to bust wide open. Where are the multi-part stories by local media on this issue? You can title it:


Kind of ironic how every single day, you read an article or hear the Mayor, the Queens Borough President and city council talk about illegal immigrants, which there are only 1 million in this entire city, BUT does not talk about the conditions in Jamaica that not only affect illegal immigrants, BUT ALL THE RESIDENTS in Jamaica on a daily basis. So Katz, would you allow a waste facility to be brought in on your block, two blocks from you, 10 blocks from you or anywhere in Forest Hills?

Ms. Hazel goes through another list of the same old issues not being addressed from the Mayor and Public Advocate to the Queens Borough President and city council members. BUT HEY, Jamaica is the HOT hood, that is if you believe all the bullshit and manufactured hype. Besides her issues, don’t forget the illegal truck driving on residential streets along wit the illegal truck parking or the take over of Merrick Blvd by thug auto bodyshops and the grand daddy of them all, the dilapidated, poisonous Tony Soprano goomba company, ROYAL Waste located in downtown Jamaica by thousands of families and a park, which is slowly poisoning the residents. How many waste stations are in the hoods of the owners of Royal Waste?

Royal Waste Disaster at the 170th Street/Douglas location where 3 workers were killed by toxic chemicals in 2009


From Pamela Hazel, resident & community activist:

Katz & her gang are terrorizing black residents, part 1.

Borough president Melinda Katz has been in office for more than three years. What has she accomplished for Jamaica Queens, the black neighbourhood? Well, she and her gang members are terrorizing residents; because they ignore the quality-of-life terror we face everyday.

Despite their fake news about revitalization, initiative, bullshit; residents are terrorized on a daily basis:
Residents are terrorized by the sight and stench of the homeless in the Jamaica Center Station bathroom and in the trains.  Taking the e-train, in-particular is a health risk. Residents are terrorized by the fear of diseases. Straphangers have to stand; but the homeless have the fundamental right to occupy four to five cars. An increase in fare has not improved services.
Bathrooms are closed most times.

Bathroom Gate June 2

Residents are terrorized by two legged animals who use James Fobb’s abandoned garage. They dispose of toilets and its contents, bedbug laden mattresses  syringes, and unwanted foods. Then residents are terrorized by the four legged animals that prowl for survival.
Photo was taken yesterday, 3/27/17. The garbage runneth over. There are four churches within 3 blocks.
Residents are terrorized by Metropolitan Lumber Store’s shabby appearance and unkempt sidewalk. The lumber stands about 20 feet high over the fence on the Jamaica site. In Steinway Queens and other areas the lumber is enclosed.
Metropolitan sidewalk.  Photo was taken three weeks ago.
Residents are terrorized by the church leaders who set-up churches and prey on the weak and poor. The political gangsters support the spiritual terrorists who rob our community of tithes and offering to build God’s kingdom. Yet, our neighbourhood is broken down. Some of the spiritual terrorists refuse to live in the hood.

About three years ago, Joe & I began exposing the gangsters. Then, New York 1 Ruschell Boone’s camera began to roll on the plight. Suddenly the conditions  were improved. Some time thereafter, the political terrorists came back in full force. But Ruschell’s camera is on again. As for Joe & I,  we will keep the fire up your ass.

Katz, these issues will not disappear, so get off your ass; you, fatso senator/Comrie and your terrorists group. Call MTA and all the agencies that are responsible for terrorizing the black neighbourhood of Jamaica Queens.

You are always talking about serving all people and all neighbourhoods fairly. Can you explain why your neighbourhood, Forest Hills is clean and well kept?

P. Hazel: Social Media Journalist for Justice.

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