Now maybe some hood rat or asshole from Jamaica will like to chime in like one did when I posted about another punk ass gang member, Shawn Hoggarth, who tried to burn down his family’s house with family members in it the other day ( and give the typical response of “racism” and “he is not a gang member, I know him” and other crap that too many folks in Jamaica and communities like it always say. Like the response from FaceBook:

White men in suits have damaged this nieghborhood more then any gang member . Take this gentrified propaganda somewhere else.. When white boy’s bug out its mental issues that’s what this is.. The young man is sick . He is not he is schizophrenic snow gang was kids he is to old idiot.. I live in this nieghborhood I know this kid .. He is not in a gang at all he is sick. If it was a white boy you wouldn’t have trouble seeing his mental illness. dont bring that racist shit here my grandparents may have tolerated it I won’t I will choke any of you racist yuppies out with my bare hands .. Tread lightly white man from town keep your Neanderthal opinion to yourself. Funny how you left Donald trump and his father out.. But your post was directed at black enablers …WHAT ABOUT WHITE ENABLERS??? I am on the issue .

Yeah, he is on the issue, whatever the fuck that means. Basically it is just making excuses for bad ghetto behavior by that somewhat incoherent rambling and citing “racism” to deflect from the issue at hand.

And for those who think that having a Starbucks on Jamaica Avenue is gentrification or are screaming “gentrification”, I certainly see no signs of gentrification in this community, but then some folks want to keep Jamaica down and ghetto, so that they can do all kind of shit, like this knucklehead who is heading to prison for good. Like Black people don’t go to Starbucks or that all Black people like to live in some garbage strewn crime ridden area. GET REAL some of you.

But like I have said many times before. YOU SHOULD HAVE TAKEN BETTER CARE OF YOUR COMMUNITY IF YOU REALLY CARED, the operative phrase being IF  YOU REALLY CARED.

This whole ghetto thing is getting tiresome and it is so 80’s, many do not want this ghetto crap or  nonsense anymore and are tired of it. By the way ghetto is not part of Black culture, so don’t hold onto it like it is. Maybe some of you should actually learn about black culture and history or pick up a book by Marcus Garvey, if some you young ones even know who that is.


From Queens Courier:

Photo via Shutterstock, inset courtesy of the Acting Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez’s office

A reputed gang member man from Jamaica may be spending the next 75 years behind bars after being convicted on Tuesday of shooting two security guards, leaving one dead and the other paralyzed.

According to Acting Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez, Antonio Mahon, 22, shot one guard in the head and one in the back after invading a home and threatening to kill two other people earlier that morning.

 On Nov. 28, 2014 at 8:45 a.m., Mahon, who is a member of the Bloods gang, was walking down the sidewalk near Rockaway Avenue and Livonia Avenue in Brownsville, Brooklyn, when he approached two on-duty security guards who were employed at the Riverdale Towers housing complex, which is home to several rival gang members, according to trial testimony.

Prosecutors said Mahon passed the guards, turned around and fired two shots, one into a guard’s head and one in the other guard’s back.

The guard who was shot in the head, Aaron Locklear, 30, died five days later at Brookdale Hospital. The other guard was treated at Kings County Hospital but was left partially paralyzed from the waist down.

According to the trial testimony, the shootings took place after Mahon was involved in a home invasion and threats that were committed in Brooklyn earlier that morning. At 2:30 a.m. on Nov. 28, 2014, Mahon chased down a rival gang member into a Dumont Avenue apartment, pointed a black and silver handgun at the man’s head and threatened to kill him. Then at 8:30 a.m., shortly before the shootings, a video surveillance camera captured Mahon pointing a gun at another victim’s head at 330 Bristol St.

Police recovered two shell casings near the crime scene at Riverdale Towers and a loaded black and silver .40-caliber handgun in a garbage can less than one block away. Two additional shell casings were found at the Bristol Street crime scene. Ballistics matched the shell casings to the recovered firearm.

Mahon was arrested on Jan. 9, 2015, at a relative’s home in Queens. According to police, he admitted to shooting two men with a black and silver handgun. Mahon was later identified by three witnesses during a police lineup.

Mahon was convicted of second-degree murder, second-degree attempted murder, first-degree assault, first-degree burglary, second-degree burglary, two counts of second-degree criminal possession of a weapon, two counts of second-degree assault, criminal possession of a firearm and second-degree menacing. He is scheduled to be sentenced on April 21, where he faces a maximum of 75 years to life in prison.

Acting District Attorney Gonzalez said, “Two hardworking young men were the victims of a tragic and unconscionable act of gang-related violence. When the defendant chose to shoot them in broad daylight, one of the men, a father of three, was ripped from his family forever. The other was lucky enough to survive, but his life will never be the same.”



  1. These barely literate morons who fling incoherent shit at you on Facebook prove how a little technology always seems to blow up in their faces.
    First, he seems too damn stupid to realize that by issuing a violent threat, the way is clear to ID him and at a minimum deny him his one daily opportunity to read anything: his Facebook account. File a complaint.
    Sad to see people so deluded, so bamboozled, so irresponsible and so racist:
    “dont bring that racist shit here my grandparents may have tolerated it I won’t I will choke any of you racist yuppies out with my bare hands.”
    Every SE Queens hood has been their pissing-ground for decades, with each and every political criminal gangster (just look at the lineup – and their formerly arrested, indicted & incarcerated ‘Hall of Fame’) coming from and ‘representing’ their ‘community’.
    A ‘community’ that could give a shit that their own children get an education that’s not a disgrace, and are safe from being shot on their own streets.
    If and when this person ever wakes up and discovers that it is not 1963 anymore and he is not a victim of anyone, maybe some accountable and sanity will return to these areas.
    Until then, everything the Free Shit Army and their Overlords spew is nothing but bullshit.


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