The same old ghetto shit in shit ghetto Jamaica.


From Pamela Hazel, Jamaica resident & community activist:

Katz and her gang are terrorizing black residents, Part 2

Katz has been reigning as borough president  of Queens for more that three years. She is the leader of the terrorist group that terrorizes the residents of Jamaica Queens They ignore quality-of-life terrorism. One of her members, John Sampson is scheduled to surrender on April 21st. He was involved in foreclosure terrorism.
Residents are terrorized by dilapidated  abandoned vehicles occupying our spaces; even in front of our homes. The owners  are protected by the political gangsters.  A fleet of vehicles has been on 108 Avenue; beginning at Merrick Boulevard corner. Some of the vehicles are registered to residents in Virginia, Florida, Connecticut and Massachusetts. Yea, but vehicles are not suppose to be parked for seven consecutive days in one spot. Maybe the law applies to Katz’s territory only, Forest Hills.
Oh, by the way, a church is located at the side of the abandoned vehicles; about 12 feet away. I asked several of the members what their pastor is doing about the situation. One replied. “We do not get involved in politics.” Sooooo, the man of cloth cannot get involve in abandoned vehicles on behalf of the poor.  Please Lord open their eyes? Guide them to Jeremiah 5:21, “Hear this O foolish people, who have eyes but see not.”
Residents are terrorized by the deplorable, dingy, trestle-wall all along Archer Avenue. Particularly from Guy R. Brewer Boulevard all the way to Parsons Boulevard. More than two years,  ago a crew from the LIRR unit began painting the wall. On the first day, they packed up and left abruptly. A worker told me that they had an emergency. They  have not returned from the emergency which occurred on the first day, September
14th. 2014.
Residents are terrorized by piss-quarters. The area under the trestle near 153 rd. Street and Archer Avenue. It appears to be a forgotten place. It maintains a smell like stale piss mixed with garbage.
Update on James Fobb’s garage. Photo was taken 4/2/17. The area has been cleaned. Two weeks ago. The garbage runneth over, four churches are within three blocks. 
In a New York Post report published yesterday, April 5th, Dr. Anne Schuchat acting director of CDC said, “Zika continues to be a threat to pregnant women across the US. With warm weather and a new mosquito season approaching, prevention is crucial to protect the health of the mothers and babies.”  This disease causes birth defects.  Needless to say, the cesspool at Archer Avenue near Parsons Boulevard is also a threat again. The cesspool is filled with water and garbage. It is a breathing ground for the mosquitoes to continue to spread Zika disease.
It is unfortunate that the political terrorists refuse to find a solution on this small area. Katz, refers to Queens as the “World’s Borough.”  Can you please contact the responsible agency?  Please inform them that part of the world’s borough continues to be a mosquito haven. It is just another issue that this black community has to endure. Please hurry, the mosquitoes are multiplying rapidly.

P. Hazel: Social Media Journalist for Justice.


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