This was passed on to me:

Now, there are many obvious, visible differences between ‘downtown New Dorp’ and Downtown Jamaica, some which can’t be pointed out without immediately being called ‘racist, xenophobic, Islamophobic’, yadda, yadda, none of which point to the real damn reason:  when enough people look around and DON’T like what they see, when they OWN businesses that they give a DAMN about, they have the WILL and the ENERGY to make the CHANGES NECESSARY.


So, in 3 short years, they went from having no organization, to creating an active new multi-functional organization designed to support businesses and enhance quality of life:  the ‘New Dorp Business Improvement District’.  Just THREE fucking years to put this together.
Compare this to the years, the decades that the Greater Jamaica Development Corporation, who paid their king Towery a king’s fortune annually, has been ‘active’, and what they can point to that makes Jamaica a destination of CHOICE for normal people:  not damn much of anything. Somehow, despite the ‘hundreds of thousands’ of people claimed to ‘pass-through’ (at least that statement is accurate) Jamaica as commuters, some as employees, we still don’t have a ‘clean streets’ program with uniformed, paid employees:  this New Dorp BID somehow was able to put such a team together.  How?  Queens is constantly hyped as the ‘best this, the ‘best that’, the ‘most diverse’, etc, etc.


So, with all this money coming into and out of the ‘community’, with all this ‘commercial traffic’, with all this new ‘commercial attention’ in the form of these (supposed) ‘mega-developments’, WHY does the place still look like such shit, WHY does it attract so many people who have ‘hit rock bottom’?


It’s just damn incredible to me that some small place on Staten Island – in a few years – can do what all the organizations, all the Community Boards, have been helpless to complete in decades.


The Number one reason: Low-class ghetto Jamaica residents who don’t give a shit and just fuck up everything in this ghetto community. I have a feeling that this place in Staten Island does not have ghetto trash like Jamaica does, the biggest reason why some communities look like SHIT. But of course the Jamaica hood rats, ghetto slobs, third world slobs and others, don’t give a shit, because they like it like this. And the ones who should give a shit, like community leaders and elected officials, don’t say anything or do shit and just look the other way and accept all this GHETTO CRAP, like it is all part of black culture. AND the few, are fed up and leave this shit hole community.


JAMAICA SUCKS, not matter how you slice and dice it, no matter if you put a Starbucks on Jamaica Ave, no matter how much development goes on. If your pretty wrapped present with a beautiful bow is filled with SHIT, then that is what it is, SHIT and no amount of pretty wrapping paper or bows is going to change that……………….. and in this case JAMAICA SHIT.


Jamaica Ave, although this looks even worse when I saw it the other day.

A few blocks away from this area in downtown Jamaica, de Blasio was stumping for Comrie

NE corner of 163th & Jamaica Ave.

Sunday morning Jamaica Ave style.

I mean only fucking ghetto savages live like this and black communities wonder why no one respects those communities. I mean come, on look how some folks live.

Vacant “condo” where Con Ed has put up a sign that “electricity of off due to lack of payment. Can you say ghetto B&B.

Still like this as of 7.6.16


From NY1:

City Approves New Dorp BID

By Lisa Voyticki
Friday, April 7, 2017 at 09:31 AM EDT

The city voted this week to designate downtown New Dorp as a Business Improvement District.  Councilman Steve Matteo has been working with the nearly 200 businesses for three years to make it happen.  NY1’s Lisa Voyticki reports.  

Maria Carrozza opened up Piece A Cake Bakery on New Dorp Lane five years ago.

She says Business jumped as much as twenty percent every year…So much that she opened up a second business next door.

“We’ve definitely seen a lot more people come to the lane,” said Carrozza.

And so have the roughly 200 other businesses on the busy strip.

But to reap the sweet benefits, they need a unified marketing plan, regular sanitation services, street beautification and capital improvements.

After three years of working with Councilman Steve Matteo and the Staten Island Economic Development Corporation – they’ll finally get it.

Wednesday the council’s finance committee passed legislation to create the New Dorp Business Improvement District.

“Extremely pleased it’s been a long road,” said Maria Esposito, who owns Norman Heil, Insurance Inc.

Esposito is also chairwoman of the New Dorp Merchants Group.

Before, the group was given limited funding from the SIEDC, Councilman Matteo and the Borough President’s office.

Now – businesses will pay extra through their property taxes to create a $135,000 budget.

“First we would like to increase private sanitation to clean streets and beautification is very important to the merchants here on New Dorp Lane and I would like to increase events,” added Esposito.

One of the first slices out of the budget will go to the annual food crawl that’s happening in the Fall.

“People in the community love our events, and now with more money we can do even better,” said Carmine DeSantis, who owns a law office on New Dorp Lane, and serves on the New Dorp Merchants steering committee.

Festivals will take up a larger part of New Dorp Lane…and the hope is that people will see all it has to offer.

“You can eat here, you can shop here, there’s so many things the lane offers,” said Carrozza.

Mayor de Blasio is expected to sign the legislation next month, and New Dorp businesses hope to work with the city and the SIEDC to create a board by July.​

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