Here is what this crap space looks like now, an empty lot that probably was some houses and the two old houses that once were nice back in the days till slumlords took over and filled it up with low life’s who turned them into crap. I would walk by those houses when the crap lived in those houses and thought, what nice houses these could have been but the trash, well, trashed them and the slumlords did not give  shit, holding out till the “day of development”.


From The Real Deal:

Century Development plans 88-unit building in Jamaica

Project will be a mix of condos and rentals, with 15% of units affordable

Rendering of 148-31 90th Avenue (Credit: Raymond Chan Architect P.C.)

George Xu’s Century Development Group is planning an 88-unit residential building on a vacant site in Jamaica, the developer told The Real Deal.

The eight-story building at 148-31 90th Avenue will span 70,000-square-foot, and include a 44-car parking garage. Of the 88 units, 15 percent will be affordable, and market-rate rents will range from about $1,400 for a studio to $2,400 for a two-bedroom.

Xu intends to file a condo offering with the New York State Attorney General’s office and retain some units as rentals. He picked up the vacant lot on 90th Avenue for $5.7 million from Keung “Ken” Cheng, another Queens-based developer.

Raymond Chan Architects, the architect for all of the Flushing-based Century’s projects, designed the project. Renderings show a tri-colored facade, the colors alternating between segments of varying heights, and rooftop terraces between the penthouse units.

This is Xu’s second project in Jamaica, an area the developer said is changing rapidly. His first project, a 109-unit condo building at 148-33 88th Avenue, also designed by Raymond Chan, is currently under development. Xu is also developing two condo-hotel hybrid developments — a 250-key Westin hotel at 137-61 Northern Boulevard in Flushing and the 176-key Farrington project at 134-37 35th Avenue.



  1. I’m sorry but look at the digital rendering. It is just totally incongruous with the other houses. It looks ridiculous. Why not rowhouses similar to the ones in Richmond Hill,
    Ozone Park and even in tony overvalued Windsor Terrace and Park Slope

    The rents do seem low in comparison with similar tower development in overrated hip areas in Brooklyn, but 1400 for one person is steep considering the long commute to the city and wage stagnation and cost of living inflation. 2400 for a 2 bedroom is actually ridiculous unless it’s for roommates, though still high, but for a family starting out with a kid it is basically impossible to pay that and have money left over for expenses, food, bills and insurance.

    These are not affordable housing at all. And the market rate is a virtual scam


    • While yes, that building seems out of place with the other places on that side, but actually on the other side of the street are all apartment buildings, so it is not quite out of place, but it is big, but hell, there is no kind of uniformity at all in Jamaica. I still will take this place over the other kind of cheap crap that goes up and becomes an eyesore. I thought the same thing with the prices. When I first moved to Jamaica about 6 years ago, it was unheard of to find anything over $1000 in rentals, but then I also lived in LIC before the explosion and during it for about years and was paying $800 a month for rent. Now take on a 2 in front of that 8.


  2. I recall those buildings. The thing even these modern towers don’t jibe with the other large complexes.

    That rendering as well as the thousands of others published on digital news feeds, blogs and magazines are so preposterous that they resemble the fake Rockridge concocted by Cleavon Little in Blazing Saddles to trick Hedley Lamar’s army of corrupt lawmen and mercernaries

    What’s hilarious about the second pic is that it has renditions of ciitzens and passerbys just like the p.r. professionals of today use


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