You cannot have nice things in a ghetto community like Jamaica where at least 50% of your population is low-class ghetto slobs, because they will not take care of anything and even more so they will TRASH IT.

Case in point, Rufus King Park (which I am sure the ghetto slobs have no idea who Rufus King is). The park recently had a $2.2 million plus upgrade to improve the park ( https://www.dnainfo.com/new-york/20150421/jamaica/22m-rufus-king-park-renovation-includes-restored-gazebo-sprinklers)and when it was done looked beautiful, a nice little gem in the middle of downtown Jamaica, BUT, alas the ghetto slobs around here wasted no time in trashing it to death. Besides the typical low-class ghetto trash the reside here, to make matters worse the park is a hangout for all the homeless, drunks and drug addicts that are in Jamaica. Just three blocks from Rufus King Park on 89th Avenue and 161st Street is a big ass homeless shelter filled with low-class ghetto slobs whose life goal is to just hang out on street corners, make noise and  hang out in Rufus King Park, I mean why bother looking for a job or trying to better yourself when this way too liberal and progressive city and Mayor will house you, even if you are not from the area or from New York.

The below photos were taken from a reader on Monday (4.11.17) and this is totally unacceptable. When we they add park enforcement to issue out littering tickets or at least a warning, so that some of these ghetto slobs know they are no longer in the third world shit hole country.

Statement from our Borough President Katz, April 21, 2015 which appeared in DNAInfo New York:

“Rufus King Park is a neighborhood treasure for families in Queens, and we’re pleased to renovate it for enhanced public use and enjoyment,” said Queens Borough President Melinda Katz.

Hey Katz, certainly does not look like a neighborhood treasure, more like a fucking garbage dump.

Queens diversity my fucking ass and most of you reading this, even though you may not say it, know it is the damn truth. And most of you know why Jamaica is the way it is.



  1. What a damn shame: that park could be the visual ‘centerpiece’ of a proud, revitalized Jamaica, with the striking, massive, full-block redevelopment of the former Immac Mary Hosp quickly rising behind it.
    Everyone walking along the Ave would see the historic Rufus King Mansion (itelf having undergone a multi-million total reno some time ago), an inviting lawn in front with chairs and tables (with free – spotty – WiFi), and nice paths to clear your head, take a break from the retail bullshit in the Ave.
    Right now – despite the Parks Dept work – this remains a fantasy.
    Why? The place is overrun with drunk ‘undocumented’ people, sleeping on benches, pissing/defecating behind trees (even in the fenced ‘Colonial Garden) behind the Mansion), and of course littering everywhere.
    How many damn trash receptacles are needed for people to make the attempt to walk ~ 25 ft to the nearest one and clean-up after yourself?
    Do these people throw shit all over their aparment living rooms?
    LIttering is a fineable offense, but I will pay $50 for a photo of a NYC Park Ranger issuing one to anyone in that park.
    I’ve seen them DO THIS, many times, in Wash Sqr Park in Manhattan: but you won’t see it here. Why not? This blog has pointed on why.
    Does anyone really think that the developer of the MIH project on the north end of the park is going to get – and keep – market-rate tenents, when they are greeted every day to mobs of Mexicans attending soccer games, then leaving the field – paper, bottles, diapers – all over the park, having to navigate a gauntlet of drunks on every other bench to and from work? Yeah, that looks like a solid business plan.
    A few days ago you had the usual suspects – most prominent Letita James, the official blowhard of NYC, 2nd only to Sen Schumer wrt to fighting skill getting to the nearest hotmike anywhere – screaming that ‘NYC will remain a Sanctuary City belonging to everyone, regardless of their status.’
    Sounds great. You can have illegal, unemployed drunks living in your parks, soiled daipers in brand-new playgrounds, or you can defend your use of public tax monies for these expensive rehabs and enforce the law: you can’t have both.
    You might as well take the money used for all this work and burn it int he middle of the park in one big pyre.


  2. Want an example of how upscale tower development and higher income earners doesn’t change or improve anything, look at Tompkins Square Park, that place is still filled with crusties, mentally ill derelicts, junkies and poor homeless people despite the “changes” to the neighborhood with the presence of trendy bars and artisan restaurants.

    Shit is not going to change one iota if the cost of living gets further out of control and there is dominant indifference by officials.


  3. Where are the King Manor big wigs on this? Why aren’t they screaming their fucking heads off about this mess? Nadezhda Williams, the executive director? Roy Fox, the mansion caretaker? Gerald Caliendo, chairman of the board of directors? Where’s Greater Jamaica Development here? Hope Knight’s been in Carlisle Towery’s “saddle” as executive director of GJD for 2 straight fucking years!


  4. Agree or not with the scribe of this text, pictures reveal a lot.
    It doesn’t appear that the upgrades are enhancing the Downtown Jamaica area because the characters that continue to make it a blight are allowed to dominate the “treasured” public amenities.
    There are a myriad of problems that need to be addressed. However, those individuals elected by the people choose whom they will sit at the table with to ameliorate conditions that impact quality of life.
    More people of goodwill need to stand up and let there voices be heard.


  5. It’s sad, that we taxpayers can’t enjoy the park. I’m differ with President Trump, on most of his policies, however I agree with him on illegal immigration. The people making laws to protect illegal immigrants, don’t share neighbourhoods with illegal immigrants. They don’t live with quality of life issues. You know…you either adapt or die. Learn to live by the rules of a civilized society. People of colour, have to demand better for themselves and their families. I’m an immigrant, my parents had to work hard amass enough money, before they could bring us here, in the 70s you had to show you were not planning to become a burden to the State. Now you can flaunt that you are breaking the Country’s immigration laws, while demanding your needs be met. Well what about us who did it the right way?! Why are the new immigrants refusing to assimilate, isn’t that how it’s worked for Centuries?! And while I’m at it I have to ask, why are the members of my tribe(black people) still stagnated at the bottom of the barrel. At what point do we stop blaming everything and everyone except the person in the mirror. Slavery bad, racism bad, hey we don’t own suffering. Sometimes you face the truth and move on. A more advanced race(advanced not superior) of people came along and conquered mine, it is what it is. So I’m to spend the rest of my life being bitter about that?! Forever blaming white people for my problems, how about we blame our own ancestors for being weak, for getting conquered. People only the strong survives. Time to stop with the self pity and start pulling ourselves up. Start by learning to live by the rules of a civilized society.


    • You are 100% spot on, well, more like 150%. And while communities of color no doubt get the shit end of the stick, being part of the problem within the community (trashing it, no respect for neighbors while blasting music at all hours or parking your car late at night in front of a building blasting music, etc) just adds to communities like Jamaica being what they are. AND those that no better, just standing by idly accepting all this shit or feeling like they are going against their race if they speak out is bullshit and makes the problem even worse. When you do nothing or just continue the bad behavior, you are feeding into what the powers that be want to happen. So what happened to BLACK PRIDE. AND if Black Lives Matter really want to make a difference, they would be in all black communities fighting for a better quality of life in the communities and demanding that both the people in the communities and the powers that be get the SHIT together as opposed making it all about white people and police.


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