More nonsense in Jamaica, not just by low-class ghetto slobs and criminals (which are plentiful), but by shady thug auto body shops who have turned Merrick Blvd into the new Willets Point, Royal Waste which just has made a mess of downtown Jamaica and exposed so many people to all their pollutants, tractor trailer trucks that park all weekend long underneath the LIRR overpasses on 168th Street and Merrick Blvd, but by elected officials shitting all over this community by a do nothing attitude and shitty city agencies like MTA which has turned the one residential block of 170th Street between Jamaica & 90 Ave into their own layover station. 170th street a narrow street with no parking on the east side (which many times does not get enforced), now has MTA buses 24/7 using this section as their own layover station. Looking over documents from MTA and DOT, I certainly did not see where this section was designated a “layover”. At first one bus will layover not far from the only bus stop in that area (yet hundreds of buses go by 170th, many empty, many out of service), now it seems there are two, three all along the block. And with double parking an issue on 170th and fire trucks and ambulance making visits every other day to the NYCHA Senior Citizen Apartments on that block, traffic jams and congestion ensue.

And why does MTA use this section of 170th Street for out of service buses and empty buses, only to make a turn east on the very narrow, residential 90 Avenue, them a right on another residential street 171st, to head back out onto Jamaica Avenue. Sounds like bullshit to me that would only happen in Jamaica.

BUT it is Jamaica, where even MTA shits all over this community and why not, everyone else does. So get in line for a DUMP, that is led By Katz, Comrie and the other assorted do nothings. The only saving grace is the 103rd precinct, without them, MAJOR SNAFU!



  1. A quick observation of how the MTA operates, not directly related to your post.
    The last stop (Queens bound) for the F is 179th St, the station (along with the E/J terminus at Parsons/Archer) that has provided you with more ‘subject matter’ that you know what to do with.
    Quick-turnaround of trains is key to keep trains on schedule, so they have a squad of cleaners ready when a train pulls in, who are set-to-go when one come to a stop, to do a quick ‘blitz cleaning’.
    I enter a car, and notice that there is shit (ie, ‘fecal matter’) on not one, not two, but three seats in the SAME car, the one that the ‘cleaner’ just came through to ‘clean’.
    With the train still waiting, I tell one of the crew – using ‘civil terminology’ – ‘there’s fecal matter on a bunch of seats in this car’.
    The woman yells – up and down the station – ‘FECAL MATTER, FECAL MATTER’ – and a guy, apparently with better ‘biohazard’ removal equipment addresses the issue, while I move to another car; short delay and we’re off.
    The point to all this? WHY should the riding public have to POINT OUT or INSTRUCT MTA employees – who are hired and paid to maintain and clean the system – what their job is?
    It seems that there are damn too many jobs in this city – including at the HIGHEST POLITICAL LEVELS, where people are paid to somehow NOT NOTICE THINGS, NOT ADDRESS THINGS, and to IGNORE THINGS, hoping that they ‘go away’ on their own, or people will just ACCEPT how shitty things are: that’s the ‘JAMAICA WAY’.


    • Your observation is exactly related to the bullshit from MTA. I attended the other night a community board 12 transportation meeting where both DOT representatives (Queens Borough Commissioner Garcia & three others) AND MTA (Simon Price: Assistant Director of Government & Community Relations, formerly Sutphin Blvd Executive Director and two others) attended. One MTA representative blatantly (and at least honest) stated that Jamaica WILL NOT get any new buses even though the buses as he stated are old, broken down and a mess because, get this, bus ridership in Jamaica is NOT high enough due to all the dollar vans, livery cabs and dollar cars (yes we have dollar cars here, illegally). Every been on a shitty Jamaica bus, all of them are packed to the gill and all you see in Jamaica are buses 24/7. He also stated that the bus depot is a mess and Simone Price stated that the bus terminal or whatever it is called on Merrick across from the Library has many issues and problems but don’t expect much to happen with that (which by the way is in a horrible location and MTA just rents from the properly owner).

      AND of course DOT stated they will be doing all kind of studies. BIG MONEY to be made in studies that do absolutely nothing and tell us what we already know.

      BOTTOM LINE takeaway from this meeting: JAMAICA IS FUCKED and no one gives a shit including the elected officials.


  2. Speaking of the 179th Street station. That’s the stop that President Trump used to get on the train when he was going to school. I wonder if there was fecal matter on the seats in his day and age – the late ’50’s and early ’60’s.


  3. @ JoeM: Your report on that meeting – and what you were told – is so disturbing on so many levels one doesn’t know where to begin.
    For the past 5+ years, you can’t pick-up any of the local SE Queens papers, DNAinfo, etc, and not have read about the ‘transit desert’ that the commuters in those neighborhoods have to deal with daily: 2+ hour commutes are the norm, no ‘express’ bus service, leaky buses, etc.
    The idea that an MTA rep would float the concept that no additional/new buses would be assigned to provide relief for this – for the reasons given – doesn’t pass the bullshit test.
    Stand on the corner of Archer and Parsons on any weekday morning and watch the endless flow of humanity streaming off packed buses, racing to catch the E/J into the city: where the hell is the ‘revenue shortfall’ he’s talking about?
    Second, if these ‘Jitney Vans’ are damaging the MTA’s revenue stream, WHY are they ALLOWED to OPERATE?
    WHAT is their LEGAL status? How difficult would it be for the ‘representatives’ for this area to petition the City Council to OUTLAW all such vans – and cars – just make them illegal with new legislation?
    Is their a ‘Jitney Van Political Bloc’ that the city is afraid of?
    The people that appeared at this meeting, and made these points (excuses) for the terrible overcrowding/conditions of SE Queens transit, were plain and simple full of shit, and will say and do anything to keep a nice, well-paid job and pension.
    What makes this situation so abhorrent and loathsome is the fact that while large sections of NYC have been cheated for decades, DeBlasio is COMMITTED, despite growing, vocal opposition, to this Brooklyn ‘Light-Rail’/Streetcar plan that is GUARANTEED to become the biggest boondoggle, the greatest single waste of taxpayer money in recent NYC history: read what the experts have to say about this, and how each and every such project in the last ~ 20 years has proven to be a FAILURE. So, why is this being RAMMED through?
    Can you imagine how far $2 billion would go toward decades of deferred subway infrastructure, Sandy damage, stations that have tiles falling down, and maybe (gasp) actually considering building a NEW transit hub in Jamaica, which is constantly being called the ‘MOST IMPORTANT TRANSIT HUB IN QUEENS?’
    It’s time to bring out Granny with her ‘Bullshit Goggles’ again – she seems to be the only person in this crowd of lying lunatics able to see things for what they truly are.


  4. I am incensed at the existence and promotion of these studies which hire a bunch of spazzes for 6 figures that somehow take months to figure out the daily problems and issues of our services. You wanna know who are qualified for studies. The PEOPLE who live and work in this fucking city. Who have to use the worst fucking transit system in the world every day. If these elected elitist hacks would listen to or even acknowledge the existence of the people, maybe the trains wouldn’t be olfactory nightmares and rolling shelters for people too frightened to use the terrible and horribly managed the real ones including the clusters and hotels this city has provided for them, and most certainly the 90 they are going to build in the future.

    As for those dollar vans. What the hell else are people going to do, especially now that Mario’s asshole son 65 million dollar cut to transit is now official. (which is clearly having an effect with the recent derailments on the LIRR and mishaps at Penn Station.)

    And It’s not only the streetcar that has been universally trashed by regular people and experts, it’s turning out that the citywide ferries, which will not stop in staten and coney islands for some reason, is going to be a massive waste of tax expenditure too and time for commuters.

    From 2015 for chrissakes:

    But at least it will serve craft beers goddamn it. And that’s all commuters need, taxpayer funded public transit booze cruises. With eurotrash tourists, brahs and skanks, and hipster bobos getting loaded between stops.

    It is quite clear that our lame ass corrupt mayor and equally corrupt lame ass governor and everyone else responsible is only concerned with their selfish ambitions and mostly pleasing the tourists and new comers outspending everyone else into oblivion.


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