The Crossing, at 93-01 Sutphin Blvd., near the LIRR station, will consist of two towers: one will be 25 stories and the other will be 14.

Well, finally, the massive development across from the LIRR station at Sutphin and Archer is breaking ground after years in the making. Expect the usual crap of officials at this like Katz, Meeks, Comrie, Wills, Cook and any other bullshit do nothing “leaders” of Jamaica show up with shovel for a photo op. (After the photo shot, keep the shovel and clean up the garbage). But what they will be shoveling is their own bullshit and talk about how wonderful Jamaica is (which IT IT NOT RIGHT NOW), yet none have done much to help with the huge amount of quality of life issues that exist here. I wonder though if all the homeless, druggies, drug dealers, crazies and various other Jamaica element crap, which is all over this particular area, will be somehow moved for the photo op. The area is a fucking mess, which anyone who has been there knows all too well.

June 24, 2014 at McDonalds on Sutphin Blvd. The Crossing residents have this to look forward to.

But this groundbreaking of this huge development should also finally be the turning point for Jamaica for various reasons. The biggest being that this huge complex certainly will not be cheap to live here or do business here, so new folks moving in certainly do not want to see all the human crap and retail crap that exists in the area. Once it goes up, figure all that shit will be moved out and torn down, which is a GOOD thing for this community which has been on the bottom for decades. Expect after this development and if it does well, which I cannot see why it would not, to see other similar development all along Sutphin, Archer and Jamaica.

The Crossing will feature a number of amenities, including a 24-hour doorman, children’s play room and roof terraces.


From The Wall Street Journal:

Groundbreaking set for mixed-use development in Jamaica, Queens after years of delays

The Crossing at Jamaica Station is part of the downtown redevelopment

A large mixed-use residential development will break ground in Jamaica, Queens, on Tuesday, local officials said, a milestone for a revitalization plan years in the making.

The Crossing at Jamaica Station, a $407 million project with two towers at Sutphin Boulevard near Archer Avenue, is set to rise near Jamaica’s transit hub. It is one of several projects that are part of the downtown redevelopment expected from a 2007 rezoning. That hoped for redevelopment was put on hold during the recession, said Hope Knight, chief executive of the Greater Jamaica Development Corp., a nonprofit that has played a big role in downtown’s revitalization.

“It’s important because of its strategic location right across the street from the Long Island Rail Road station,” Ms. Knight said. “All of the commuters who travel through Jamaica will see the building rising and it will create a sign, [a] symbol of revitalization.

 The project’s developer, BRP Cos., bought the site from the Greater Jamaica Development Corp., which had spent about a decade assembling the parcels so a large project could take place, Ms. Knight said. The nonprofit development organization issued a request for proposals, aiming to increase residential density and more retail businesses in the area.

The Crossing is part of an estimated $1 billion in private- and public-sector investments made in Jamaica over the past decade, the development corporation said. Those investments have resulted in plans for projects, including more than 3,000 mixed-income and market-rate apartments, at least 2,200 hotel rooms and a 150,000 square-foot retail complex in various stages of development.

Meredith Marshall, BRP Cos.’ co-founder and managing partner, said the Crossing represents the firm’s core strategy of developing mixed-income, affordable housing in neighborhoods with access to public transportation and retail.




  1. Watch out for this. These apartments will be bought with money from wealthy people from China. It’s happening with all those mixed low income/luxury towers in downtown Brooklyn.

    The majority of these units will not get bought or rented. And all these new towers one bedroom and two bedroom apts. are being rejected for being too much, too small, and, get this, unaffordable.

    Building a tower is not going to eradicate or bring down crime and poverty.


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