From another reader in the dirty SE Queens, South Ozone Park. We here in all of SE Queens are very familiar with this bullshit that NEVER sees any type of enforcement. Whether it be towing companies, like Runway Towing below, auto body shops, waste facilities that have large tractor trailer trucks park inside LIRR overpass tunnels, the nonsense that would never be tolerated in Forest Hills, is just a normal day in SE Queens, especially places like South Ozone Park and Jamaica.

The photos from the Queens Crap post  were taken by a resident the other day. But I dug some photo digging over the years (2013) and came up with even more that shows this city, the precinct in that district, the elected officials and the community board obviously have given a free pass on yet another BAD NEIGHBOR BUSINESS carte blanche to do whatever the fuck they want. If you are going to open a business, especially where there are houses, make sure you have enough property to store all YOUR SHIT, not take up public property that you are not even paying for and then destroying it in the process. Better yet, businesses like this should be in a 100% industrial area period, not near homes. But hey, it is the SE QUEENS, where the majority is NOT WHITE, but Black, Hispanic and various immigrants, which the city loves to always talk about for photo ops and sound bites, BUT in reality, they could give a shit about as can be seen by the shit that gets dumped in these areas.  BUT blame also has to be put on the residents who just take this shit and never say anything. If you stay quiet then shit like this will take place, which is why in more higher economic areas and majority white areas, you don’t see SHIT like this, because they would not tolerate it and their voices will be heard LOUD and by many.


From Queens Crap:

Towing company thinks they own public property

“Here is the Runway towing business. Very similar to other areas in Queens with cars parked on the sidewalk, cars parked on city streets with no license plates, their tow trucks parked on the street and sidewalk. It is located at 124-20 South Conduit Ave, South Ozone Park. If you want to Google Map it you will see all the illegal crap going on, but here are some pictures I took.” – anonymous


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