Typical ghetto nonsense:

  1. Took place in Greater Jamaica/Hollis
  2. Took place in front of a bodega
  3. 9pm on a weekday
  4. Victim is not cooperating with police

YEP, Ghetto hood rats behaving badly.

Sometimes you have to laugh at this clowns and this bullshit.


From DNAInfo New York:

Man Stabbed Outside Hollis Bodega After Fight, Police Say

By Ewa Kern-Jedrychowska | April 24, 2017 11:53am

 Police are looking for this suspect who they say stabbed another man outside a Hollis bodega on April 12.

Police are looking for this suspect who they say stabbed another man outside a Hollis bodega on April 12.


QUEENS — A 19-year-old man was stabbed in the back during a dispute that erupted outside a Hollis bodega earlier this month, police said.

The verbal argument, which took place on Wednesday, April 12, shortly after 9 p.m. in front of a bodega at 190-34 Jamaica Ave., turned into a physical altercation during which the attacker stabbed the victim in the back with a sharp object, before fleeing on foot in unknown direction, officials said.

The victim was rushed to Jamaica Hospital where he was listed in stable condition.

It was not immediately clear what the men argued about and whether they knew each other.

Sources said the victim is not cooperating with investigators and no arrest has been made as of Monday morning, police said.

Authorities described the suspect as being approximately 18 to 20 years old. He was last seen wearing a dark sweatshirt and glasses.

Last September, another man was shot in the foot and back inside the same bodega.

Anyone with information is asked to call the NYPD’s Crime Stoppers Hotline at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477).




  1. Hollis, especially the southern edge of what is known as ‘Hollis Park Gardens’, around Jamaica Ave and 193rd St (‘Hollis Park Blvd’), was at one time as exclusive a neighborhood as any in Queens: look at some of the houses still found there today:
    Because this neighborhood is not considered as ‘desireable’ – in terms of school quality – as many others, many more of these places – built in the early ’20’s – have remained intact, instead of being knocked-down to build these ugly, tasteless Bukharan Mafia-style McMansions seen all over Forest Hills.
    Definitely worth a photo-taking tour in the nice days ahead.


    • WOW, thanks for the info, never know, some of those houses in the photos were amazing, these are as nice as some homes in Kew Gardens or Forest Hills, yet I never hear anyone talk about this. I will have to take a bike ride there.


    • PS: Really ashame what they have let happen to SE Queens, place like that, Jamaica, South Ozone Park & Richmond Hills (which have some nice Victorian homes, but too many of them torn down to be replace with CRAP or fucked up into shitty apartments to cram undesirables in.


      • A guy named Kevin Walsh runs a blog called Forgotten NY, and for ten years he’s been running tours in every corner of the city, taking photos and blogging.
        What’s happened to Richmond Hill – like most of Queens – is a tragedy: the Guyanese have no use for Victorian homes, bring their tribes here, make a shitload of noise and drive out the civilization, pool their cash, and knock them down to put 8 families (or more) on a plot that at one time – incredibly – was meant for one.
        A miracle would be for the NYC Landmark Commission to designate that ‘nabe with such protection, but the leadership is all Manhattan, they could give a shit about irreplaceable architecture in Queens.
        Walsh’s Richmond Hill tour was one of his largest:


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