Right outside shitty Yummy at corner of Hillside Ave/168th. Typical of the Hillside Ave but perfect for the low class ghetto and low class third world folks.

“Clean sidewalks and graffiti-free business corridors and neighborhoods vastly improve quality of life in our crowded and thriving city,” de Blasio said in a statement.

REALLY, Mayor Dumbo, you just figuring that fucking out (what a dimwit).

Well, start with the most filthiest, most disgusting sidewalks in all of NYC, the low-class third world country Hillside Avenue, which anyone who lives in the area or has visited this garbage strewn stretch from Queens Blvd to 179th can attest to, especially the Bangladeshi section of 168 to 171th, the most filthiest of the filthy. With the exception of a few businesses, have you ever seen our “diverse and vibrant” business owners EVER hose down their sidewalks, let alone push a broom. Besides the disgusting gum strewn greasy sidewalks, do something about the constant illegal dumping of Bangladeshi household garbage that gets dumped inside overflowing public garbage cans or piled up next to them, which I have seen a million times and have actually seen our Bangladeshi neighbors toss their household garbage in these spots, again, especially between 165 and 174th St.

But let’s not say anything about this, because one might come off as “racists” or it interferes with the rights of some of the slob Bangladeshi folks to turn that section into their own county’s filthy environment. Sure, fuck up your country and make a mess of it and then come here and repeat. This area of Hillside has gotten worse in the past 10 years with the arrival of this population.

Fuck Fox News “fair & balanced” no spin zone. Clean up Jamaica Queens is the Fair & Balanced no fucking spin zone that gets to the crux of the issue without the bullshit niceties or lies and always has the photos or videos to prove it.

But some folks don’t like this as this asshole commenting person said on one of my posts about unlicensed vehicles parked on streets, typical ghetto comment:

You’re extremely petty & self absorbed. Why is any of that your business? It is not “your” street smh That’s for the police to deal with. I cannot stand people like you. People like you are part of the reason why society is so messed up.

On second thought with these cleaning machines, hose down the entire Hillside area with these machines, not just the sidewalks and do it every other day. Oh, hell do the entire Jamaica and SE Queens area.

Hillside Avenue as it looks today

Beautiful Hillside Ave. The REAL Jamaica.



From The Daily News:

EXCLUSIVE: New York City spending $1.8M on new trucks to clean sidewalks


Mayor de Blasio has added $1.8 million to his executive budget to purchase 14 sidewalk-cleaning trucks, which the city will begin using in the fall.

(Anthony DelMundo/New York Daily News)

Mayor de Blasio is ready for some spring cleaning.The mayor will announce plans to spend $1.8 million on 14 new sidewalk-cleaning trucks as part of his executive budget, set to be rolled out on Wednesday.

The trucks help the city’s Economic Development Corporation spray down dirty walkways along major commercial corridors — and each one in the city will get a deep clean once a year, the mayor’s office said. The trucks can each clean up to 10,000 square feet of sidewalks a day, and are part of the mayor’s CleaNYC program. It’s part of the EDC’s Quality of Life Program, which also runs anti-graffiti efforts.

“Clean sidewalks and graffiti-free business corridors and neighborhoods vastly improve quality of life in our crowded and thriving city,” de Blasio said in a statement. “As we build a New York that is more accessible and affordable, CleaNYC is creating jobs and bringing high-efficiency, street-cleaning tools to our city streets.”

New York City will be debuting sidwalk cleaning trucks.


The trucks cost $125,000 to $130,000 each, have already been ordered and are expected to hit sidewalks this fall. They’re custom-built and will be mounted to a fleet of Ford F-450 trucks that will bring them from neighborhood to neighborhood, where they’ll roll off and get to work — resembling a zamboni going over an ice rink, City Hall says.

CleaNYC will hire 32 people to run the trucks with the help of the Doe Fund, which helps employ formerly homeless people.



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