Can you imagine how all this money could actually help improve this city if it was not wasted irresponsibly like this on this whole homeless bullshit, plus eliminate the Public Advocate position (a completely do nothing job) and it’s entire office and support staff, eliminate all the borough presidents (another useless position) and their offices and support staff, streamline city agencies like MTA, DOB, DOS, DEP, DHS to work more effectively and reduce waste, to increase fines majorly on many quality of life issues and actually ENFORCE them. Get a more efficient and better system than the fucked up 311 that is in place. Eliminate all those useless studies like studies on  trucks driving illegally on residential streets which everyone seems to know about except the city, which needs to do expensive “studies” and all the other wasteful spending this city government does.

But back to this homeless crisis bullshit which is actually Homeless BIG BUSINESS. Eliminate the bullshit “right to shelter” in this city and state. The cities that have this besides NYC, Seattle, San Francisco, LA have the worst homeless situation and problems because everyone from other states that are not “right to shelter”, which is the majority of states and everyone from other countries that comes to the most expensive cities in the country with no job and no kinds of finances (that is idiotic in itself and shows the types of people coming here) and these cities (which are already burdened) become more burdened and have to shell out more money while the cities/states where these slackers come from get off the hook of taking care of their own residents. Then not to mention the money that is wasted and the time that is wasted by NYPD & FDNY on many of these folks who are very problematic. So what I would like to see, which to this date I have not, are the statistics of the homeless in NYC who actually came to this city from elsewhere already homeless. And how about statistics of how long these folks actually stay in these hotels and how long they stay in the homeless system circus. How many eventually get jobs and what are the steps taken to see that such people are either trained or placed in jobs to get them out of the system. I get tired of only hearing there are 65,000 or whatever inflated number the city throws at us. This city is not in the business of attempting to eliminate homelessness they are in the business of increasing it and making more people dependent on the system. It is called HOMELESS BIG BUSINESS and it seems to be A VERY LUCRATIVE BUSINESS.

Homeless shelter with local residents hanging out all day. Two blocks from downtown Jamaica Ave

Jamaica’s newest homeless shelter


From Times Ledger:

City spends over $500K a night on hotels for homeless: Stringer

A new report by Comptroller Scott Stringer finds the cost of using commercial hotels to house the homeless is soaring in the past four months.


The cost of housing the homeless in commercial hotels has skyrocketed in recent months, with the city spending $530,000 per day, up from $400,000 per day just four months ago, according to a new analysis released Monday by City Comptroller Scott Stringer. That’s an increase of 32.5 percent.

The report also revealed that the average daily cost for commercial hotel bookings rose 600 percent over 16 months, going from $82,214 per day in November 2015 to $576,203 in February 2017.

“The rising costs are extraordinary, and we are calling for more transparency from the City because the more open we are about our challenges, the more likely we are to solve them,” Stringer said. “Openness will help deliver results.”

The analysis estimates that the number of individuals now being placed in commercial hotels by the Department of Homeless services has jumped 33 percent, to nearly 7,800 New Yorkers, between October 2016 and February 2017.

Commercial hotel shelters often offer limited services, have limited privacy, and lack kitchens. They are largely inappropriate long-term solutions for families trying to get back on their feet, according to Stringer.

“Homeless New Yorkers don’t belong in hotels — this is a practice that has to end,” Stringer said. “Hotel rooms are not only a Band-aid solution to a complex problem, but they’re also very expensive. If families are going to get back on their feet, we need to help get them the services they need.”

The de Blasio administration announced in February the goal of phasing out commercial hotel rooms as a form of homeless shelter six years from now.

To ensure the city reaches that goal, the comptroller says openness and benchmarks are critical. Stringer called on DHS to also share more information publicly on progress around reducing commercial hotel use.

City Hall dismissed the report, saying the comptroller ignored several facts in making his analysis, such as citing the initial charge for booking rooms on certain nights without taking into account discounts that were negotiated.

“The comptroller is behind the curve,” de Blasio spokeswoman Jaclyn Rothenberg said. “We announced as part of our plan that we will be ending the use of hotels by opening a smaller number of better shelters across the five boroughs, reducing the number of shelter sites by 45 percent. The average cost per night of a hotel is $175 and we recently put into place a plan to further reduce costs and improve services.”

Stringer has been a frequent critic of the mayor’s handling of the homeless crisis, with its population at a record-high 60,000 for the last few months, but he has ruled out challenging de Blasio this fall.




  1. Wow this was a typo in my url search but glad I came up it first let me thank you for your uploads and comments as a resident of Jamaica queens I must say it’s people like you that keep the area from thriving as a home owner I welcome the $400 million dollar project there are people living in Jamaica that earn way over $70k and $80k on THE BOOKS so this might be a shocker but we are not all ” gettho” third world super stars some of us work day and with 311 to report trash but what took years to destroy will take years to rebuild and by the way jamaica is not the only place layer with trash take a drive to flushing! !!


    • First off, you are making a comment on the wrong post (this post is about the homeless shelter, I think you meant to comment on THE CROSSING). Second, I am not even sure what you are talking about because you are comment is not too coherent. How are people like me keeping the area from thriving as as homeowner, I MEAN that comment does not even make any sense, as does other statements of yours. AND Flushing has nothing to do with Jamaica, so stay on topic and don’t try and divert the issues of Jamaica, which there are many and have been for decades.


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