The great thing about being in the USA  or Democracy is a little something guaranteed by the 1st amendment:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

That means criticizing our elected officials, religion, saying anything no matter what regardless if it hurts your little feelings or you 100% disagree with it. There is no grey area. It is black and white period. It is how we hear other’s point of views, no matter if one likes it, hate it or disagrees with it. Many countries don’t guarantee this and one can be put to death for speaking one’s mind. North Korea, Russia, China, the majority of Muslim countries. Try speaking your mind in any of those places.

That is what is so baffling with the whinny bunch of today’s college students who oppose people like Ann Coulter speaking at their school or certain comedians performing on their campus or having someone like Linda Sarsour speak at CUNY during commencement. And then there is this whole bullshit of “safe spaces” on campus. GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK you whinny ass brats, the biggest who happen to be liberals and all the more baffling, safe space. Sorry, but the REAL world does not provide a “safe space” for you will you can hug your teddy bear wrapped in your blanket with a thumb in your mouth, when your boss tells you, “You did a shit job, do it over”.

As a college graduate in a far off time, when there were no bullshit “safe spaces” on campus, where every other person did not get their panties in a bunch for talking shit about God or Muhammad or “my feelings are hurt” crap, college was a place for new and foreign ideas, to hear other’s viewpoint and even maybe learn something from the opposite. To become a “well rounded renaissance” individual, not to live in one’s own bubble, be it a conservative bubble, a liberal bubble, a Republican bubble, etc or a mindless drone with no thought of your own. How do we ever learn, if we stay contained in our own bubble, how do we see from another point of view , how do we grow, how do we rise up and fight when the time comes.

24/7 news, the advent of the internet, programs passing as news programs when they are just mouthpieces for a certain group, have all contributed to this attack on freedom of speech by being in the bubble. And it does not help that an entire generation of folks who were told that they are all “special” or they all get trophies for just showing up or are entitled to fucking everything with do little at all instilled by parents not knowing better have added to this mix.

So fucking grow up, keep your ears open to all points of view whether you like it or not, agree with it or not and STOP being whiny little cry baby bitches, because you know what, the powers that be and the government like this, because those are the people they can easily control and no one knows that better than the biggest whinny bitch of all, our President  or our Mayor.

So get out of your bubbles, your “safe spaces” and actually listen for a change because you know what,  and you will figure this out as you get much older, IT IS ALL BULLSHIT ANYWAY.

Or better yet, spend a year in North Korea or some Muslim country with Sharia Law and talk about how your feelings are hurt and how you want a “safe space”.


From The Daily News:

Sorry, no safe spaces on campus: CUNY speaker Linda Sarsour must be heard

She has the right to be wrong.

(Susan Watts/New York Daily News)

Those who purport to be guardians of academic freedom rightly decry the chilling winds that blow on college campuses — and urge students who clamor for “safe spaces” free of upsetting ideas to grow a spine.

Mature people understand: Bombthrower Ann Coulter should be permitted to speak, particularly at a public university. So, for good measure, should alt-right troublemaker Milo Yiannopoulos and white supremacist Richard Spencer.

But without a flicker of self-awareness, some of the very same voices urging students to grow up now aim to silence Linda Sarsour, tapped by the City University’s School of Public Health to be its June commencement speaker.

They are joined by local Jewish leaders, among them Brooklyn Assemblyman Dov Hikind, who are urging Gov. Cuomo to intervene.

Cuomo should stay far from this fray. Sarsour would not have been our choice for this high honor, but her right to deliver the address ought not be in question.

A commencement speech, given as students receive their degrees, holds a privileged position. All graduating students attend, which gives the speech a higher burden to be unifying.

Sarsour is not unifying. She supports the effectively anti-Semitic movement to boycott, divest and sanction Israel — singling out for opprobrium and punishment the world’s only Jewish nation.

 She once tweeted a photo of a young boy with rocks in each hand facing a dozen or so Israeli police with the words “the definition of courage.”

“Nothing is creepier than Zionism,” she wrote another time. She has argued against bans on Sharia law, calling it “misunderstood” and unfairly “pushed as some evil Muslim agenda.”

Sarsour rebuts accusations of anti-Semitism. She raised thousands of dollars to help repair a vandalized Jewish cemetery, proclaiming the donations an act of generosity by Muslims “in solidarity with our Jewish sisters and brothers.”

In recent months, she has gained notoriety not for her anti-Israel statements but for her role in organizing the Women’s March on Washington.

Our sympathies are with those who will protest Sarsour. But as CUNY Chancellor James Milliken rightly affirmed in a statement Wednesday, purging a speaker based on a narrow ideological test leads down a dangerous road. Free speech, especially at a public institution of higher learning, is a far higher value. Let Linda Sarsour speak.



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