NO Virginia, most homeless people in shelters are NOT cute little kids, far from it. The majority are criminals, convicts, druggies, alcoholics, various addicts, chronically unemployed, lazy, low-lifes, people from other states and country who know that NYC is a right to shelter and know how to play the system and other assorted human trash. HENCE, why they are in homeless shelters. I mean let’s face it, normal folks would not go into a homeless shelter, they would rather move from expensive New York to another state where they can actually live in an apartment or house they can afford.

Sure there are some people due to loss of job and unable to find work  and lose their home or single women and their children escaping a violent husband/boyfriend, but let’s finally be fucking real about this. Most are like this fuck below, Jermaine Saint Clare, who  beat the living shit out of Timothy Jackman (another homeless shelter folk) with a belt buckle. Most single men who are homeless are FUCKING PROBLEMS, PERIOD.

So no, the majority are not cute kids as our lying Mayor likes to point out or shove in front of the cameras.

So many of you whinny far left liberals (who more than likely are not bombarded with homeless shelters in their community), why not take this thug into your home when he gets out of prison. The rest of us don’t want these shitty homeless shelters and their shitty residents in our communities.

Ironic and typical that this would happen in super expensive, hipster heaven Brooklyn.


From The Daily News:

Brooklyn homeless shelters see bloody beatings over three-day span (WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT)


Jermaine Saint Clare, 44, a Samaritan Village Shelter resident, is seen beating another shelter resident with a belt buckle in Brooklyn.

(Rashawn Walker via YouTube)

A brutal, caught-on-video beating with a belt buckle and an assault with a metal pipe rocked two Brooklyn homeless shelters over the past three days.

The mayhem began at the Samaritan Village Shelter on Myrtle Ave. in Bushwick at 8:43 a.m. on Sunday.

Jermaine Saint Clare, 44, a shelter resident, was caught in a horrifying video beating another man in the face using his belt buckle — sending blood flying with his repeated blows.

Saint Clare — who served time for a 1999 assault and attempted manslaughter conviction — is charged with attempted murder, according to court records.

In a video posted on YouTube, Saint Clare can be seen bashing his belt buckle’s sharp prong into his victim’s face again and again. The victim, Timothy Jackman, 40, was also a shelter resident, police sources said.

The mayhem started at the Samaritan Village Shelter in Brooklyn at 8:43 a.m. on Sunday.

(Rashawn Walker via YouTube)

Then, at 9:22 a.m. Tuesday. Malcolm McCorcle, 30, a resident at a men’s shelter for the mentally ill and addicted on Albany Ave. in East Flatbush, picked up a metal pipe and repeatedly whacked another resident, police said.

He head-butted a Department of Homeless Services officer who tried to subdue him, officials said.

In a separate incident Monday, officials found a loaded and stolen handgun in a closet in a family shelter in Bushwick.



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