This shitty city may talk that they are so liberal, but when you dig deep, they really are not. Oh, sure they are liberal to allow illegal immigrants to keep pouring into an already overcrowded city with a fucked infrastructure that cannot handle the population we already have. Oh sure they are liberal to make pissing in public okay. Sure they are liberal to be an idiotic “right to shelter city” to take in other states and other countries homeless and tax an already overburden system and increase the homeless population. That kind of bullshit sure, but in reality, it is only for elected officials to get more votes for Democrats.

BUT when it comes to truly being liberal, especially the environment and the health of communities (mainly lower income & communities of color), they are hardly fucking liberal at all. The garbage problem and the way this city handles garbage is hardly liberal. Their recycling program is a joke. And the biggest, “environmental racism”, which is so blatant, they might as well hang a sign up saying “NYC is really not liberal where it counts”.

Lower economic communities and  communities of color are at the crux of this bullshit, with all the crap that other communities do not want, dumped in the middle of said communities, which affect the health of the residents. Whether it be power plants or waste dumps, these communities suffer and the asshole politicians are just now getting on board and doing something about this.  Although, time will tell if this legislation, which Mayor Dumbo recently signed two pieces of legislation to better promote environmental justice through the work of city agencies, will have any true effect. Pretty much sounds like something that sounds good to voters, but will it truly have any major  impact on those communities affected, like Jamaica (which I was surprised was not mentioned in the below article, considering that major pollutant, Royal Waste, dumped in the middle of downtown Jamaica, you know the community they are investing big time development money into to make it the “next hot” hood. I wonder if they mention of there brochure of touting Jamaica as a great place to live, work and play, that a major polluting waste facility, which has big polluting trucks 24/7, is smack in the middle of downtown Jamaica.

And considering that places like Royal Waste is in Jamaica, the tons of auto body shops and the closeness of JFK airport to the area, I am surprised that the local politicians did not get involved with this legislation, it seemed that an Astoria’s councilman was the sponsor of this legislation. Hey, this should have been something that the obese, lazy and do nothing Leroy Comrie should have done many years as he wasted 12 years as a councilman in Jamaica with little to no accomplishments. Although, former crook Assemblymember William Scarborough, did sponsor some bullshit legislation way back in 2001, but if was for, you guessed it, a fucking study on air emissions from the surrounding airports. Like a study was needed to figure that one out (http://www.timesledger.com/stories/2001/13/20010330-archive8.html), I mean just open your mouth and breathe.

Jamaica and SE Queens politicians, I always said that most were a big clown-ass ebony posse of do nothings, crooks AND MAJOR HYPOCRITES.


From Times Ledger:

Mayor signs environmental justice legislation into law

City Councilman Costa Constantinides (c) and advocates celebrate the signing of his environmental justice legislation Tuesday on the steps of City Hall.

Mayor Bill de Blasio signed two pieces of legislation Tuesday to better promote environmental justice through the work of city agencies. One of the bills was sponsored by City Councilman Costa Constantinides (D-Astoria) to help improve the lives of his constituents in “Asthma Alley,” the area of western Queens that is home to almost half of the city’s power plants.

“These bills recognize the historic injustices that have disproportionately fallen on low-income residents and communities of color — the burden of pollution and the effects of climate change — and offer a different patch forward,” de Blasio said. “While our sustainability and resiliency programs have been driven by the need to create environmental justice, the city with these two bills will now have new and stronger tools to empower communities as we build a more equitable city to meet the challenges of climate change.”

Constantinides, the chairman of the Council’s Environmental Protection Committee, explained the legislation de Blasio signed into law would ensure that the Department of Environmental Protection and the Department of Mental Health and Hygiene will identify and study environmental justice communities, neighborhoods with a significant low-income population or communities of color. The study would examine sources of pollution, adverse health impacts of the pollution, the environmental impacts of city policies on communities, barriers to participation in environmental decision-making faced by communities, rate of current and potential future utilization of renewable energy, and policy recommendations to address environmental concerns.

“As the recent executive order on climate shows, the Trump administration will choose fossil fuels over our public health and safety,” Constantinides said. “In honor of Earth Day and the People’s Climate March on Washington, our cities must make combating climate change and reducing pollution a top priority. INT. 359 and INT. 886 make up the most comprehensive environmental justice legislative package of any city in the nation and will be a role model for other cities to follow. For far too long, environmental justice communities have had more sources of pollution and fewer environmental amenities in their neighborhoods, leading to adverse health effects. This legislative package will more equally distribute benefits throughout all communities in our city.”

The second bill signed into law will promote public engagement, transparency and participation regarding environmental justice concerns and will maintain data for the areas surrounding facilities and sites.


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