You would think that with the years of reporting the same issues, like the vacant James Fobb house garbage dump, courtesy of our low-class slobs, that something would be done, well, like I said you would think, but then, this is Jamaica, the land that not only many slob residents don’t give a shit, but also elected and church leaders.

Ms. Hazel reports AGAIN on the Jamaica Fobb garbage dump and electrical wires doing the Jamaica dangling dance. Us folks who actually care in this community are fully aware of electrical wires, telephone wires and cable wires always doing the Jamaica dangle.

I bet they don’t do the Dangle jig in Queen Katz’s hood or on her block.


From Pamela Hazel, Jamaica resident & community activist:

However, it is no concern for Madam Katz. She and her accomplices are busy groundbreaking; what a sad state. Most troubling is the loyal black voters. They vote for these bastards with their eyes closed. They should not expect change if you do not demand services.

Is this the place that madam Katz calls the “World’s Borough?” It is a shame, after years of complaints voters/residents are faced with the same issues.

Meanwhile, James Fob’s garage has taken a turn for the worst.

Electric wires have been dangling from the poles for weeks. Now they are dragging on the ground. Maybe someone has to be electrocuted before any action is taken.

Boranian, you are being paid on false pretense. The ill-gained salary will do you no good in the end. Oh, former borough president/ Helen Marshall just came to mind! In the meanwhile, do your damn job. You are  the person in charge of constituents services.

P. Hazel: Social Media Journalist for Justice.

PS: Soon, I will be sending the quality of life terrorists  to Katz’s address.

Queens Borough Katz


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