AND bring back this guy. If there ever was a time for him, it is now.“If people are getting sloppy again and being unfair to their neighbors, we may have to create a culture consequence again,” the mayor said during his weekly segment on the radio show, responding to a caller’s “helpful suggestion.”

AND what fucking rock did you crawl out from Mister Mayor,  “people getting sloppy”. They have been sloppy in this city for a long fucking time, the people have gotten even worse. I mean does de Blasio actually ever walk around his own fucking city and not just Gracie Mansion or City Hall or the Upper East Side. I mean he is just like our local elected officials, they live in a fucking bubble, they don’t take the subway, they don’t see what is going in their town community, etc.

“Poop Police” are a must, but why stop there, make the Poop Police all encompassing of all litter. Christ,  between the fucking slobs in this city and the new immigrants who come from  garbage strewn countries and think tossing dirty diapers and other litter on the ground are normal, this city is one big fucking garbage mess, be it Mid-town Manhattan to the bowels of Jamaica. I mean we have all kind of litter laws, poop laws, no household trash in public cans, but NOBODY enforces this, which is mind boggling, because the amount of money in fines this city would make is big and it would teach people to stop being slobs, hit them where their wallets are. AND make the fucking fines much higher, way higher. AND when you put this into effect, don’t forgot communities of color and lower income communities, which have the greatest amount of slobs.

Again, how can this city call itself so progressive, when litter is EVERYWHERE, their trash disposal system is awful & polluting (especially in communities of color), their recycling program sucks and we have not legalized marijuana for recreational use, which if there was ever a city that needs it, it is stressed out, angry New York. I am tired of having to buy my pot illegally, plus I want variety.


From DNAInfo New York:

Meter Maids as Poop Police? Mayor Considers New Anti-Dog Waste Strategy

By Nicole Levy | May 5, 2017 12:34pm

 Leaving your dog's poop on the street is a violation of

Leaving your dog’s poop on the street is a violation of “Pooper Scooper” law and carries a $250 fine.View Full Caption Small

NEW YORK CITY — One man’s dog poop is another man’s gold.

The city could launch a lucrative crackdown on violations of its “pooper scooper law” — if Mayor Bill de Blasio follows up on a promise made Friday morning on WNYC’s “Brian Lehrer Show” to censure scofflaw dog owners.

“If people are getting sloppy again and being unfair to their neighbors, we may have to create a culture consequence again,” the mayor said during his weekly segment on the radio show, responding to a caller’s “helpful suggestion.”

“There’s an epidemic of dog waste on our sidewalks, and I believe that you can request your parking officers who are out there already on the street … [to] issue summons,” proposed Maria of Williamsburg, the “less tonier part” of the city, in her words.

“Walking has become a course of dodging dog waste minefields, and this is a win-win for the city, a win-win for New yorkers’ health who carry dog waste on their shoes into their homes, and a win for small children who are not allowed to walk freely on our sidewalks,” said Maria, who described the ticketing potential of scofflaw dog owners as “gold for the city.”

Too many dog owners are failing to clean up after their pooches, the mayor agreed. The offense violates the 1978 “pooper scooper” law and carries a $250 fine.

“It’s really insensitive and unfair to other New Yorkers, and I’d say to people: if you’re not going to bother to clean up after your dog, don’t bother to have a dog,” de Blasio said.

While Maria’s enforcement proposal had a “lot of merit,” he continued, he wasn’t sure whether the responsibility should fall to traffic agents or other city officials.

“Your point is well taken: that we have to look at new ways of creating consequences for folks who do something that’s unfair to their neighbors and unhealthy for everyone involved. I will figure out a way we can address that better,” de Blasio pledged, praising the efforts of former Mayor Ed Koch to rectify the issue in the 1970s.

Whether he likes it or not, Koch is remembered as advocating for, signing and enforcing the Canine Waste Law as one of several steps his office took toward the city’s urban renewal.



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