For years (decades) on Jamaica Ave and 169th Street on the South side was a large empty lot that was just an eyesore. A few years ago, a low rise retail building was erected that was able to house a few businesses.  The first thing that went in was Planet Fitness (actually one of the nicest Planet Fitness around, two stories, huge and lots of equipment). The powers that be  bragged about this building and how new businesses were going to go in. Well, as usual, that is not what happened,all of the spaces to this day are empty and the one business that opened up after Planet Fitness, was another shitty dollar/99 cent store, Family Dollar (not to be confused with the one that NY recently did a story on about all the garbage being illegally dumped on their property).

Well, after working out today at Planet Fitness, I notice a big sign on the crappy Family Dollar, “Everything Must be Sold, Store Closing” and I thought THANK YOU, like we really needed another low-class dollar stores, I mean the area is littered with this shit places. Sure one or two are fine, but why do we need dozens of these cheap quality places to begin with.  And how do so many all clustered together make a profit at all. My theory,  many of these places, like many of the “repeat” businesses in the area probably are money laundering places or some other shady bullshit.

Anyway, this place, I don’t think even made two years, will be history in two weeks. Don’t let the door slam you on the ass on your way out.

GOOD RIDDANCE. Enough with all the shitty crappy  businesses that are way too prevalent in the area. Hopefully some more shitty businesses will follow suit and slowly some a better class of retail will arrive in the future. PUT a fucking limit on the number of 99 cent stores, cheap electronic stores and beauty supply stores that can open in an area.


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