Ever since the Opioid treatment Center (St. Joseph’s Medical Center) moved from Archer & Parsons to the most awful location to put such a place (175-20 Hillside Avenue), there has been nothing but trouble and issues with some of the clientele (many who come from Long Island). Blocking of sidewalks, constant loitering, litter, noise, using the Walgreen’s parking lot next door, etc which starts 5am Monday thru Saturday. Since I walk by there every morning, I am well aware of the nonsense by some (not all of the clients) that goes on and have posted about this on this blog before.

Well, now it seems that people who live by, especially in the co-ops across the street in Jamaica Estates and several local businesses, including White Castle, have been making many complaints about this place and the rowdy crew that causes issues.

I just got off the phone with DNAinfo New York, who will be doing a story on this facility, the problematic clientele, and the the many complaints with this place being put in a high residential area and also got off the phone with the director of this treatment center, who, of course, is “well aware” of the issue. She told me there will be a council meeting tonight (5.9.17) at 7pm at 88-19 Parsons Blvd, which is The Presentation Blessed Virgin Mary Parish in the basement. The director of the treatment facility will be there to hear what will be a barrage of complaints with this facility.

If this effects you, come and have your voice heard LOUDLY.

Let’s face it, when White Caste makes complaints about this facility and some of the addicts, you know it is bad.

And if so many are coming from Long Island, why isn’t this place put in their community, not Jamaica. We have enough of our own homegrown nonsense to deal with, we don’t need other’s. Hell the only time you will see a large number of white people in the community and they have to be problematic drug addicts.


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