I certainly cannot argue Rubert Green’s statement that “District 27 deserves better”. Green is a Republican and educator who is challenging Councilman I. Daneek Miller. AND why not, we need more challengers to step forward. Jamaica and District 27 has been poorly served for decades having Archie Spigner as Councilman for over a decade, then followed by his buddy, do nothing Leroy Comrie and now Miller. So what has the community got to lose. I mean when you have very little to begin with, there is nothing to lose, except putting the same old in office expecting different results.

My theory, if the person in office has not done a BANG UP job in the first term, make some great strides, then replace them. I mean just look at Spigner and Comrie for a perfect example. Twenty-four fucking years with the both of them and what has Jamaica and that district to show for it. FUCKING GARBAGE, the take over of  public sidewalks & streets by auto body shops in the area, tons of illegal garbage dumping which folks like Miller state “is challenging”, Polluting Royal Waste dumped into the community under their watch, homeless shelters by the dozen appearing and a poor quality of life.

Jamaica needs a good housing cleaning. Time to toss out Meeks, Cooks, Comrie, Hyndman, Wills and any other dead weight. While I think Miller is probably the best of the bunch, that does not say too much, considering the political company that he keeps, I mean, the bar is set LOW.

I am willing to give Green a shot, because we have had plenty of the good ole boys, who have done little for the community. Unfortunately as a Republican in this area, he will not have an easy time, because not only are many Jamaica folks apathetic, they tend to play follow the leader and have a bad habit of putting in the same old shit, just because that is the way they always did it or because “my preachers says to”.


From Queens Chronicle:

Educator looks to overthrow incumbent

Republican challenger vows to not make District 27 race a cakewalk


City Council District 27 covers an area that traditionally votes Democratic. But a Republican candidate, Rupert Green, hopes to not make this year’s race a cakewalk for incumbent Daneek Miller (D- St. Albans).

Green, 52, of Saint Albans, wants to use his skills and training to ensure his community is not being left out, and that the voices of people in the district are heard.

He said Monday that his mission is to stop the school-to-prison pipeline, create jobs by bringing more science, technology, engineering and math education to the community and make the E and F trains smell good again.

Green, who migrated from Jamaica 35 years ago, is a longtime teacher with more than 20 years of educating from high school to college.

He is the co-founder of the Institute for Hands-on Science, Engineering, and Technology a nonprofit dedicated to providing STEM education to disadvantaged youth.

Green sees the STEM program as a way to teach gainful skills that challenge individuals and will help to lower crime rates.

“We have to model our kids in what we want them to learn, we have to fight for education,” Green said. “Pushing for education first leads to less crime in our community and less dropouts.”

In a largely Afro-Caribbean Democratic district, Green intends to get the word of his running out by dropping literature in mailboxes, making phone calls and being present at any and all community affairs.

As an active community member, he mentioned that he has his finger on the pulse of the activities that are of concern to area residents.

He also wants to break the Democratic hold on the community

“I’ve been saying blacks are not born Democrats, I want to challenge the establishment,” Green said.

For one thing, he believes area elected officials would allow jails to be built on Hollis Avenue. He associated the idea with the building of homeless shelters mentioning that he was out protesting with the community to stop a number of those from being built.

Other issues that Green wishes to address are the building of homeless shelters and stinky trains.

He also said nothing is being done about commuters having to pass garbage transfer points on their way to the E and F trains.

Miller, a former city bus operator who went on to be president of the drivers’ union, has billed himself as an advocate for families and better public transportation.

But Green claims that District 27 deserves better.

“This district has never met a challenger like me and I can rally the community,” Green said.


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