And who says unemployment is high in Jamaica, you just need to know where to look.

  1. TREASURE HUNTERS, AKA RECYCLABLE SCAVENGERS: I am not even sure if this is legal, because in San Francisco, another city, which has a major homeless problem, this practice is illegal. And really, do you want people going through your garbage, making a mess and worse, maybe stealing some personal information. Yet, this top Jamaica job seems to be big with Asians (Chinese, Koreans) and Mexicans, with a scattering of elderly black men. And on “take your child to work day”, you will see some children along side the mothers who go through your garbage to pass down these skills to the next generation.

    This gentlemen just adds to the delight

2. BODEGA GREETERS: Very popular occupation in ghetto areas like Jamaica. A 24/7 job, you will see the various shifts throughout the day/evening or a changing of the guard. Mostly consists of single Black & Hispanic Males. Can be loud at times and disturb those who live nearby.

Merrick Deli at Merrick and 109th Ave

3. RUFUS KING PARK HOSTS: Sometime standing, but mostly plopped on the ground, sometimes awake but drunk or completely passed out. These jobs are mostly sought out by single drunk Mexicans.

The Rufus King Park Welcome Wagon.

4. HOMELESS: Yes, in this day and age and especially in shitty “right to shelter” places like New York, this has become the go to job for many. And why not, the city will put you up at a local hotel totally free (but not for the hard working tax payers) even if you are not from New York and the benefits are great: free food, free medical (if available), free stuff, FREE, FREE, FREE and no boss to tell you want to do. Plus ride the subway all day and night. A very high sought after position in Jamaica.

Jamaica Center E train. Does he look like he missed a meal and is skin and bones.



5. CORRUPT ELECTED OFFICIAL: Now this one has all the others beat. You don’t need to be really educated, your skill set could be null (but you must know the art of bullshit) and it is part-time. The benefits include over-bloated salary and perks courtesy of the tax payers, the best health insurance (not of that American Health Care Crap by Trump), you never have to ride the subway, in a pinch when it comes to continuous quality of life issues all that is needed to be said is “We are aware” or “It’s a challenge”.


Former corrupt Senator douche bag Shirley Huntley, one of the local leaders who only looked out for herself. Now she is Big Bertha’s bitch in prison.

Senator Malcolm A. Smith being carted off by FBI agents. Another douche bag Jamaica local leader.

And if you know of any other jobs in Jamaica, feel free to post them.











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