Whoa, first a Starbucks on Sutphin Blvd and THEN Jamaica Ave, now a Chipolte across the street and a Burlington Coat Factor and H&M next door and Dallas BBQ on Parsons in the old City Rib/Moda Grill spot.

While this may not sound to some people as such a big deal, but considering all the damn crap that has been on Jamaica Ave for decades, this is something. I have been in the Starbucks in both places and both have good customer service (most businesses here need to take a course in 101 customer service) and are always nice inside (but I would expect that from them). While I rarely go to Starbucks (their coffee sucks), at least they have standards and pay their people decent with benefits.

Now a big questions, will that bring in better quality of people into the community to shop, etc or live and will the powers that be really do something about cleaning up all the fucking garbage and the nonsense that tends to go on too much. Hell, if this can all help move out the polluting Royal Waste, shoot for the stars, but don’t pull a LIC or some Brooklyn shit, just make it a nice affordable community with hard working people who actually have pride in their community, treat it with respect and want nice things in their community, so they don’t have to always go outside the hood and dump money into some other community. Of course there will those that will scream “gentrification” or “there goes the neighborhood” or “come the white people”, etc, the kind of people who are content with all the bullshit and nonsense because they cause the bullshit and nonsense and this may put a cramp in their style and maybe even learn to be civilized and be respectful.

In the meantime, I feel this is good news, but the bad news, when it opens, Comrie and his crew will be front and center in front of it for “their close-up.”


From DNAInfo New York:

Chipotle Planning to Open New Outpost in Downtown Jamaica

By Ewa Kern-Jedrychowska | May 19, 2017 4:26pm

 Chipotle is planning to open a new restaurant at 160-02 Jamaica Ave. 

Chipotle is planning to open a new restaurant at 160-02 Jamaica Ave.


QUEENS — Mexican fast-food chain Chipotle is planning to open its first eatery in downtown Jamaica, according to the company.

The outpost will be located at 160-02 Jamaica Ave., Chipotle spokesman Chris Arnold said in an email Friday.

Arnold also noted that “construction is not yet scheduled, so it’s too soon to offer any guidance on timing.”

The restaurant will open as part of a retail complex — which will also include Burlington Coat Factory and H&M — located one block away from the Jamaica Center subway station and across the street from Starbucks, which opened at 159-27 Jamaica Ave. in March.

Chipotle is planning to open its new restaurant at 160-02 Jamaica Ave. (DNAinfo/Ewa Kern-Jedrychowska)

The chain currently has five locations in Queens — in the Rego Center Mall in Rego Park, in the Queens Center Mall in Elmhurst, on Austin Street in Forest Hills, on Northern Boulevard in Jackson Heights and on Jackson Avenue in Long Island City.

“I’m so excited that they are coming,” said Valerie Stevens, director of business services and operations at the Jamaica Center Business Improvement District. “I’ve been wanting Chipotle for a long time on Jamaica Avenue and I think it’s going to be really good for businesses and it’s definitely going to increase the foot traffic in downtown Jamaica.”

The chain is coming to the neighborhood as it’s been undergoing a rapid transformation, with a slew of new apartment buildings, hotels and stores.

Earlier this month, Dallas BBQ also confirmed that it’s planning to open a new eatery at 89-14 Parsons Blvd. in downtown Jamaica this summer.



  1. Chipolte is disgusting. They distribute the food like Subway does and the meat is the same quality.

    I have to say you would get more nutrition from runaway animals from that slapstick butcher warehouse chasing bulls and chickens down Archer ave.


    • I have not been in a Chipolte since the first ones popped up in Manhattan. But still for Jamaica, this is better than another crappy fried chicken/combo pizza place. I mean the bar is set low here to begin with.


      • The bar is set high as to the people who live there set it high enough to be gentrified no?

        so please STFU… when it comes to knowing what is bad and what is good for a community…

        last time I checked the places that had Chipotle or a trader joes…there was less and less black folk to be found… so shove all that 1…

        God bless though a partfrom that.


      • Get over it, it is a fucking Chipotle, not some five star fancy French restaurant. It certainly is not a sign of the end of the world or gentrification. You and others probably made a big deal when Applebee’s was put on the Ave.


  2. The only way that Jamaica will get cleaned up, is by disbanding the shelters for junkies; the same crackheads will always live in the hood, no matter how many “gentrified” businesses open up here.


  3. Chipotle is a fast food chain, same as starbucks. You know when to start worrying, when long time mom and pops are forced to close when their rent jumps 500% and they are forced to move. And they are replaced by some artisan or bespoke bullshit store or a pop up that doesn’t last 4 months or when the store just sits there vacant for years which is usually the case.


  4. Chipotle restaurant is so great and deliciously!!! Iemy friend and me went there on Bowling Street.
    I suggest that Jamaica Center for not Chipotle but their community. Like IHop, Chick Fil-A, Jamaica restaurant, and variety.


  5. LEAVE QUEENS ALONE WHITE PEOPLEARE NOT WELCOMED,not trynah be racist but I’m tired of white people taking over the hood like go to Ohio or something,the Ave has always been an Urban neighborhood for people who can’t afford good housing,EVERY WHERE WHITE PEOPLE GO THEY JUS HAVE TO TAKE OVER LIKE NOOOOOOOOO WE DONT WANTYOU🗣


    • What the hell are you rambling about. White people have always been in Queens, way before black or brown people, but that is besides the point. White people are not taking over Jamaica or Queens, you ever look around at the demographics in SE Queens, certainly not many white people. BUT what black or brown people don’t eat at Chipotle. What a ridiculous comment you spouted. AND what black communities cannot have anything nice, they are all supposed to trashy ghettos with 99 cent stores and other crap. Grow up and get real.


  6. Please Ignore the negative comments and bring chipotle to Jamaica Ave ASAP. I am black and I LOVE chipotle and I believe Jamaica Ave is a much better place when it is well integrated into society_ Jamaica Ave is just one little part of a bigger community and so I hope to see all races and nationalities integrate here.


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