circa 1980’s before the invasion destroyed homes, grass and trees.

170 st and 90 ave NW corner, where once a two family attached house with garage, yard, landscaping and lots of green was.

About 10 years ago sat a moderate nice two family attached house with great landscaping at the NW corner of 170th St & 90 Ave. Then some low-class immigrant slumlord bought the property and of course tore everything down to an empty lot. Slumlord attempted to encroach on next door property, DOB shut it down, lot stayed empty for several years collecting garbage and being passed on to other low-class immigrant slumlords. Then the latest finally starting building, which took forever ( I think the pyramids were done in less time).

What ended up was five two-story family condos (3 stories with basement), really no green space as required by law, and no doubt built cheaply that you can probably hear someone in the next unit fart. Building sat empty for at least a year, while about three of the units were not completely finished inside. Eventually a sign when up “Luxury Condos for Sale”, but remember this is Jamaica and not quite the luxury us civilized folks that are not from third world countries we are use to.

Then about 2 months ago, some low-class immigrants with rug rats in tow moved into the one unit, even though most of the other units were not quite finished (I mean who sells condos like this when the outside still had boarded up blue plywood). Whether these low-class actually own it or are renting from the person who owns it, is not known. Litter is all around the place, not actually caused by these people inside it, but the back of the building, well, you will soon see the photos.

NOW, the whole stunning aspect of this, these units are selling for over $1 million dollars. Over $1 million dollars for cheaply made condos in Jamaica and we already know one of your neighbors will be low-class slob Indians who the owner goes by the name Singh Kamboj Daljeet, who I know, since I have already reported them to Department of Sanitation, which has already gave them a summons for being slobs. Two fucking months and already they got a summons, imagine 6 months down the road and when this place fills out with tons of low-class diverse and vibrant Indian immigrant slobs. BUT not sure if Daljeet owns this place and is renting it out or what or if Daljeet and his family are the actual slob owners who live there.

So lets view some photos and the reason civilized people do not want low-class third world country slob immigrants next to them, on their block or in their community, because then you have GHETTO.

Queens, diverse and vibrant, which we all know is code for FUCKING LOW-CLASS IMMIGRANT SLOBS, which is not to say all immigrants are slobs, just the fucking SLOBS, especially from certain third world shit holes who continue their filthy ways in the USA. And for any of you lefty liberals who shoot off your fucking mouths about my post here criticizing slob low-class immigrants which are many in my hood, I will have you know I am a registered Democrat and a liberal and I despise so many liberals for their idiotic thinking on homeless, immigrants and other bullshit, while they drink their craft beers, munching on fancy cheeses in their “hip hoods” where they don’t see what many of see daily and help cause the gentrification that so many of them complain about.

Not quite bad looking from the outside and I saw the kitchen inside which is pretty nice, but then it is selling for $1,200,000

You know this fucking little bit of grass will not get cut.

My filed complaints got action from DOS.

The back

Over a million dollars and you would think this is some little kid playing the slums of Calcutta.





  1. While I agree with you on almost everything you write about, I believe you should keep away from using racist terminology. I know that you are venting and this is your blog but words have effects on people. Racism is ugly and disgusting in every shape and form.


    P.S. I have lived in the Hillside avenue area for over 40 years so I kinda know what I’m talking about.


    • While I have not been here nearly as long as you, I also know what I am talking about. As far as my post, there is no racist terminology at all in the post and certainly my phrase “low-class immigrant slobs” is not racist, when the said immigrants are obviously low-class and slobs like who I was referring to and I came from an immigrant family. There is something called pride and treating your new home/country with respect. Hillside Avenue is a perfect example of what I am talking about, that stretch is a dirty filthy mess and tends to be inhabited mostly by Bangladeshi people. Are all slobs, no, I am not saying that, but certainly many that I live around are and it shows in photos. So please enough with the “racism” line, the word racist is so overused and for almost anything it has lost so much meaning.

      And not only is this my blog, but that is my block where this latest mess I photographed is.


      • I never said the issue is not about race, I said their are no racist comments in the post. Of course when it comes to certain ethnic groups who are the cause of issues, I will mention that, because it is reality and to not see that is an issue. And when it is about race, I will say something, yet it does mean it is “racist” as you and other liberals love to scream out. And this is coming from a registered Democrat and liberal my whole life.


  2. Great post. This is veritable proof that rich development does not improve towns. And that building looks like a scuzzy hotel.


    • Unbelievable right. I knew from the get go with the derelict owner, how long it was taking, times I filed complaints to DOB and actually talked to the owner about this bullshit, that this was not going to be good. I was SHOCKED, when a neighbor in my building, which is next to this shit, told me they were selling for over a million dollars. I did not believe him, so I looked it it up and damn he was right. Want kills me, is that how can you sell these places when some are not even completely finished and boarded up and that back part looks like shit. I was pissed at DOB, when I filed a complaint about the green space was not in accordance to the current law and they told me that it was. I mean what green space do you really see except for those few patches out front, that are already getting high and filled with garbage and that back is all dirt. What a fucking slum.


  3. Look no further than lame ass Williamsburg when it comes to selling units while the building was still under construction. This is actually standard procedure.

    It’s a fucking bubble that the real estate market has to maintain to keep the values and costs up. This is why people are getting priced out of neighborhoods. These predators have ruined the city. It’s now happening in the Bronx, which may be the Alamo for these rampaging greedy morons.


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