Who knew that the mention of a Chipotle coming to Jamaica could get some people in a damn tizzy ( Wish there was this much reaction to the garbage strewn, nonsense mess that is what Jamaica seems to be about (which is one reason for the development), but that, not a peep from the crew, but attempts at improving this ghetto run down area just slightly has hood rat panties in an uproar.

Since I posted this, on the Clean Up Jamaica Queens Facebook Page, 1,258 folks were reached, 3,312 had reactions, comments & shares combined with 756 comments on the shared. Damn, it is a Chipotle, not a cure for cancer or the end of the world. Even though there were plenty of negative comments (mostly from the young crew), overall, the majority of people found this new bit of info in a positive light, even though some people seemed to be more stuck on the term “Downtown Jamaica” as opposed to the hood phrase, “The Ave”, which I have not heard it called that since I moved here several years ago. BUT get over a damn name folks, before some of you coined it the ghetto “The Ave”, back in the pre-garbage strewn days it was just Jamaica Avenue before it became ghettoized.

But speaking of shared comments, this happened to be the best one on Clean Up Jamaica Queens Facebook on WHY we should have a Chipotle here in Jamaica, Downtown Jamaica, Jamaica Avenue, The Ave or DoJam.

Sight of the new Chipotle in Jamaica at corner of Jamaica Avenue & 160 Street

I mean… I’m biased in this situation because Chipotle is my everything. But, what is a Downtown Jamaica? #SouthsideJamaicaQueens  In addition, call me oblivious, but what is wrong with a little gentrification? So, you guys would really rather have FOUR stripper shoe stores than 3 stripper shoe stores and a Chipotle?  I’m just saying .


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