“Right now, Downtown Jamaica is having a renaissance,” Glenn Greenidge, the economic development chairman of CB 12, told the Queens Tribune. “It’s going back to what it used to be in the 1970s, which was a major retail district for both big-box and smaller boutique-type shops.”

Thank you Glenn for saying that downtown Jamaica was a major retail district for both big-box and smaller boutique-type shops, BUT, that was more during the 50’s and 60’s because by the 70’s Jamaica was already beginning its LONG  decline into ghettoization with empty store fronts and crap retail, which crap retail still exists plenty on Jamaica Ave.

AND for you hood rats and other assorted assholes who attempt to claim that “how can they do that to The AVE”, a little history since many of you don’t read and have no interest in history. Jamaica at one time was predominately upper middle class black, Jewish, Italian and Irish, so before any of you termed “The Ave” is was long known as Jamaica Avenue where people from all over came to shop at quality stores as opposed to all the ghetto crap low class retail that eventually took over Jamaica Avenue in the last several decades. So, learn your fucking history before you all shoot your damn mouths off on subject matter you know nothing about.

So if Chipotle got your hood rat panties in a bunch, I am sure H&M is not going to make you happy either, but then who fucking cares. Downtown Jamaica is changing and for the better, so deal with it, because it is going to happen and there are plenty of Jamaica residents who want to see this happen because they are sick of all the shit stores and ghetto nonsense in that area, hence why many of them spend their money in other communities and elsewhere.  Now the other parts of Jamaica, well that I don’t know about, but the downtown area for the near future, most definitely. Places like South Jamaica, well, that I don’t see changing down the road, but who knows what all of it will look like 10 years down the road.

“Overall, I think we’re bringing Downtown Jamaica back to what it was,” Greenidge said. “The only thing that’s missing is some white- cloth restaurants and some entertainment.”

AND eventually that will happen too.



From Queens Tribune:

New Businesses Set To Open In Downtown Jamaica


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